You are my sunshine…

Dang, this was totally unexpected but I have been nominated for Sunshine Award by snow at The Drama Corner. Thank you kindly, it’s an honor and I’m not worthy. 🙂

I gave it some serious thought but I decided not to nominate anyone. I’m a perennial drive by lurker so my active blogroll is pretty short and the blogs I’m more familiar with already have a nomination or three.

Anyway, here are my answers to snow’s questions:

1. What is your favourite thing to do when you are not watching dramas?
Reading. It’s hard to remember a time when I did not read and there was a time I hardly did anything but on my free time. I love books and bookshops + libraries are one of my favourite places to be. Hours can pass by while I’m browsing and reading. I’ve never warmed up to the electronic versions of books like Kindle etc. I’m old-fashoned that way.

2. Which is your all time favourite movie in the following categories: [1] Thriller [2] Romance [3] Comedy.
Gosh, this is a hard one as I’m really not all that into movies in general. I wouldn’t say these are my all time faves but more like some of the memorable ones; [1] LA Confidential [2] Dating the Enemy (Australia) [3] Allmost anything by Monty Python^^

3. Your favourite book.
Too many to mention. I don’t have just one favourite book but a whole catalogue, LOL! From the ones I’ve read recently, I really loved The Best Laid Plans and The High Road by Terry Fallis. They are freaking hilarious! I laughed till I cried so.many.times. Political satire is not easy to do but this guy is good.

4. Your go-to drama.
I think… either Stranger than Paradise or Beach Boys – depends on the mood.

5. In your opinion, the best drama couple is………
As a non-shipper I don’t really pay all that much attention to the pairings but I do rather love An Lei/Yi Kang @ The Pursuit of Happiness

6. What is the best smell in the world?
The way a forest smells in different times of the year. Right now it’s the slightly tangy, fresh smell of early autumn. Mmmmmm… love it.

7. Your dream pairing for a drama.
Me and UTW? XD This is not exactly a pairing but I’d love to see Eric, Jung Yoo Mi and UTW do a remake…ish of The Pursuit of Happines.

8. Your favourite character from Friends (if you haven’t seen it, then from any other American T.V. show)
Probably Phoebe, ha.

5 thoughts on “You are my sunshine…

  1. Wow….I love reading! and I’m one of those rare girls who’ll go in a bookshop rather than an apparel store in a mall 😉
    And I like my books in their traditional form…Ebooks are not for me!

    Loved your answers….It’s actually interesting to read because you are a very unconventional Kdrama watcher 🙂

    • Well, books and me have been ‘an item’ for ages so I don’t think I’ll ever completely give up on books. One of the reasons I haven’t been around much lately is that I’m having one of my epic reading sprees. *g*

      LOL, I wouldn’t call myself unconventional but rather a grumpy old curmudgeon with an aquired taste. XD

  2. Beach Boys as in the very old dorama!?!? If that’s the case, wow we share a guilty go-to pleasure! XD

    I am a Monty Python addict… gosh i still sing to their songs involuntarily earplugs in public until i got enough weird crazy woman looks.

    • Yup! That very old dorama with Takenouchi Yutaka & Soremachi Takashi. I love it! 😀 Monthy Python is da bomb. *g* I’m very partial to British humour as it is.

      I’m beginning to think we are somehow related. I tend to sing in public too, LOL!

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