A Yoo Na’s Street post, what else ^^

I think I’ll re-watch Yoo Na’s Street from the beginning. Again. XD I guess I say this a lot, but YNS has so much going on in each episode that I keep picking up stuff almost every time I re-watch a scene. It’s funny how much happens in a drama that on the surface seems so matter of fact and uneventful. Just goes to show that you really don’t need to pad a scene each and every time TPTB wants to make a point. Less is definitely more.

I also like the ebb and flow of ‘action’/calm in the episodes. The past few have been more about emotional tangents and quiet flow of everyday life but going by the latest epi, things may be heating up. I’m just hoping they are teasing us again and the story is not going to where it seems to be going. I’ve learned not to lock my expectations on how things may turn out as YNS has been very good at constantly proving me wrong, LOL! They take a trajectory that seems to lead to an overused and/or predictable plot point, only to give us a totally different outcome. Even if it may sometimes take more than one epi to get there. The tone has been somewhat more serious lately but I’m glad they have still found ways to insert some unexpected but giggle-worthy humour in here and there. That scene of Nam Su sounding like his boss, the Scrap Yard Yoda, was quite hilarious. Even Yoo Na was impressed, heh. I like the big lunk. He may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but he is sweet and kind. One of the strenghts of YNS are it’s characters who are layered and consistent in their acts. There have been no personality transplants and people suddenly behaving contrary to their true natures. Whenever there is change, there is always a proper reason for it.

It’s a shame Yoo Na’s Street is not getting all the love it deserves as there are so few truly good dramas around these days. Or maybe us diehard fans are just not as vocal in our adoration. πŸ™‚

Check out the fun “THugCaps” by the ladies @ The Problematic of the Unproblematic if you want a more blow-by-blow stuff on the episodes of YNS.^^ They just posted the EP 10 recap.

2 thoughts on “A Yoo Na’s Street post, what else ^^

  1. Hello Stephanie, nice of you to pop by. πŸ™‚

    YNS is certainly worth a 2nd and even a 3rd watch. There are so many little things you notice on re-watch, things that went by the first time you saw a scene. I watch the episodes raw first too. My Korean is not all that good yet but I understand enough to get by even without subs.

  2. Hi! I totally understand why you want to watch again Yoo Na’s street, I’m also watch some scene . I am watching this drama even in Korean and I don’t understand Korean but I love this drama I can’t wait the english subtitle. And I found out this blog because of Yoo Na’s street.

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