Thoughts on: Vampire Prosecutor

VP talk… more or less non-spoilery
LJ 30th Sep, 2012
VP was the 1st drama I caught up with after my vacation. *g* It may not be the best of the bunch quality wise but it’s the one I was the most eager to watch. I just love my Vampy Proz and The Team. I’m ever so glad they considerably toned down the violence from ep 1. That was my only big gripe with the episode. Another thing I love is all the stuff we are learning about Tae Yeon’s vampire background, about his ‘family’ so to speak. I was a little bit afraid how the new PD would handle the show but he’s been very good so far. He more or less kept the essence of the earlier season and the characters but added something new that fits. His style is not as flashy but rather he concentrates more on moving the plot along and that’s good.

I know that not everyone pays attention to the odd detail like I do but it still boggles me how it took them 3 episodes to cotton on to the fact that all the Park Hoon flashbacks happened in the past, like several decades in the past. To me it was quite evident from get go. I do pay attention to the oddest of things, yes but I guess watching ep 1 raw and sort of re-watching it as I re-timed the subs made me notice even more than usually. Still…. those old model cars, kinda old-fashioned clothes and hairstyles, uniforms not being like that anymore and the best clue of all – the phones; big, clunky dial-up in the bunker and the agent’s walkie-talkies instead of cellphones.

I’m not a big fan of romance in procedurals/crime shows/mysteries and I hope they won’t go on that route now either. I’m ok with some sort of tangible show of affection at some point but Tae Yeon/Jung In going all out loveydovey just doesn’t fit imho. Which is why I’m rather hoping the preview is just TPTB messing with us and not real. They did a good job of that in S1 so why change tactics, eh.

VP 2 – EP 4
LJ 1st Oct, 2012
OMG!!!! Way to go Show… make us want the next epi even more than the last. I hate you! LOL!

What can I say. I knew it was futile trying to withstand the lure of VP so of course I watched ep 4 even though I know I have to get up in the morning to go to work. I’m SO easy that way. Sigh.

Such a great insert to get the show started! I’m so happy we finally got to see how this particular person got tangled up with all this. I had a feeling we’d get there though. As of which person…. I’m not telling as it’d be a spoiler. Yes, I’m a big meanie. ;P

I loved this episode! It was so much fun with the movie in a movie and how it links up with our story in a sort of meta way. Awesome! I had to LOL when I realized where they were going with the sequence. The cute Soon Bum/Doc Jo bonding scenes; Dong Man being his silly, scaredy-cat self (man, are they sure to let him loose like that) and the palpable chemistry between Tae Yeon and Jung In. That moment towards the end was way more satisfying than any kiss scene. More in line with who the characters are and thus more real. Also, the last flashback…. is that who I think he is?

They decided to give us dates for the past scenes now, LOL! Oh well, it does make some things less confusing I guess.

Then there’s the preview for ep 5. I want it NAO!! Gimme, gimme…. Do we finally get to meet the Big Bad? Really? REALLY!? I don’t trust VP and their pre-views, it’s a proven fact that TPTB are trolls. 👿

VP 2 – EP 5
LJ 8th Oct, 2012
HOT DAMN!!! That was one souped-up episode! I’m still so hyper that I’m almost shaking. LOL! Sh*t! They really revved it up by several notches here and it looks like more of the same next week.

Ok, VP may not be the best drama around. It’s not overly subtle nor does it spare the punches but it sure as hell is the only one that makes my heart race like mad and I almost forget to breathe. I also like that it doesn’t try to pretend to be something it’s not. VP2 may have lost the bling and suave luster with the change of director but I think the directing is more focused and the storytelling tighter.

God, how I loved how the past and present converged in this epi. Oh, annnnnd hello there, Big Bad. Way scarier than anything our Team has encountered before. Min got pawned….. This is going to be one strange and twisted relationship. They are ‘family’… of sorts after all, only ‘grandpa’ is actually younger in physical age and much, MUCH nastier.

I have this ominous feeling about next week’s epi. Start with the funnies like with this one and then hit us with the high octane stuff. The preview did not promise anything warm and fuzzy, yikes.

I don’t think I can go to sleep just yet. I need to calm down a bit.

VP 2 – EP 7
LJ 22nd Oct, 2012
How the heck is Big Bad able to just waltz in anywhere he wants to? Are locks in Korea so weak? Just saying….

I’m with girlfriday @ DB in that I’m feeling very apprehensive because I’ve never seen TY so helpless as he is with the Big Bad. That guy is scary to the max. How is TY going to be able to shield those he wants to protect when he can’t even protect himself? That be the million dollar question. He needs some sort of leverage and fast. Every epi now is making me more afraid that something bad will happen to The Team. I don’t think I can handle someone getting killed.

I’m rather curious about the level of strength in the different vamps in this universe. It seems that ‘feeding’ directly from humans makes them stronger. Does age (as in how long one has been a vamp) figure in the equation too? If that is the case then the discrepancy in strength between TY and Big Bad seems like unsurmountable obstacle as BB has both age and feeding habits on his side.

Can TY harness his human qualities somehow, to turn the tables or make the fight a tad more equal? TY is not human but he hasn’t lost the traits that ‘made’ him *him* when he was still one of us. BB is a true monster and I wonder if he is a vamp by birth, an experiment gone wrong or was he turned. Then…. what is/was his sire? And who’s the ‘non prosecutor’ vamp BB keeps referring to? I know TY is worried that it’s his little sister. Perhaps it’s Dr. GoodBar. We don’t know where he disappeared to. He was supposedly searching for Proz Jang and TY’s sister. Does BB know about TY’s sister??

So many questions and no idea which ones get answered in this season, especially as we still have a bunch of questions over from S1 that haven’t been answered yet. Sigh. Somehow I doubt there’ll be S3….. Though, you never know. God’s Quiz got S3, only it didn’t end prettily so maybe we are better off without one if The Team is still intact by the end of S2.

Looks like the uneven numbered epis are the scary ones and even numbered the fun ones. So, there should be some laughs next week. Right? Right?!

VP2 – The End
LJ 21st Nov, 2012
A cliffhanger!?? A FRACKING CLIFFHANGER!!! 😮 So… Does this mean there’ll be S3?

I readily admit it. S2 was uneven and the cases, as well as most of the Team interaction, were sort of pushed aside by the major plot, which this season was all about the origins of the vampires. I didn’t connect to the characters as much as I did in S1, with the exception of Tae Yeon who was even more the ‘center’ that everything was revolving around. Well, the show is called Vampire Prosecutor so it stands to reason it’s mostly about him but this PD Nim’s more ‘all business all the time and no extra frills’ take on everything didn’t leave much room for other things. Like letting us know more about the other members. We did get some tidbits but for some reason it was Dr Jo who sort of became another central character. I’m not really sure how I feel about that but I guess he served a purpose.

So, they decided to save all the ‘oomph’ for the last few episodes. I think I’m still breathless. Show sure knows how to pack a punch, when it wants to. Word of warning; eps 9-11 can be considered as a 3-parter so they are best watched back to back.

What I really liked about S2 was how they expanded their own take on the vampire lore from S1. There is clearly even more to that part of the story than we got now. Me wants! Apart from the vampire family tree, the theme seemed to be choices, the difficulty in making the right one as those tend to be tough buggers.

I LOVE Tae Yeon, love. Yun Jung Hoon doesn’t have the widest acting range but somehow this role fits him to a T. He IS Min Tae Yeon; conflicted, kind, badass, dangerous, hot and with a dry sense of humor. 🙂

Even if plenty of loose ends were tied up and questions, some of them all the way from S1, were answered we got a bunch of new question marks. I had an inkling about one new development as there were hints. I just wasn’t sure if I got them right. Well, I did.

The ending seems to indicate that there will be another season. I do hope so. They can’t just leave us blowing in the wind with a cliffhanger like that, can they?! THEY BETTER NOT! S2 may not have been as riveting as S1 but it was still a good, mostly exciting ride. Besides, there’s still plenty of unexplored territory left.

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