Thoughts on: Vampire Prosecutor

Some thoughts on Vampire Prosecutor
LJ 7th Dec, 2011
I’m going to miss VP. I love the execution and I love The Team. The first 2 episodes were still sort of setting up but after that it’s been getting better by each episode. I found the cases interesting and I like the fact that even if they aren’t exactly nuclear science you don’t generally guess who the culprit is off the bat. The team members may seem stereotypical to begin with but there’s more under the surface. You’ll only get that if you keep watching. Same goes for our smexy Proz, Min Tae Yeon. With VP you actually need to pay attention to see more than just the obvious.

I’m guessing those disappointed with VP wanted the vampire part to be more showy, in the vein of the recent stories in literature, TV and film. I actually like VP’s more ‘ordinary’ take on the genre. These vamps are not supernatural beings, there’s no religious motif and sunlight probably only gives them a sunburn. They are not damned souls, nor undead but rather living creatures with beating hearts and blood flowing in their veins. They bleed when sliced and even if smaller cuts and bruises heal fast, they can die if hurt badly enough without any means of feeding. They do keep their human characteristics, though I’m guessing that actually feeding on live human blood will make them more feral. I know that Tae Yeon has difficulties controlling his urge to bite in at times so the ‘vampire nature’ is never far under the surface, which is why he needs Soon Bum to ground him onto his human part. That is a special partnership. 🙂

The show has not given us any real science fu about what turns a human into a vampire but it seems to me that vampirism is more akin to a virus that makes changes in a person, possibly on genetic level. Whether a vampire is just an evolved human with special abilities, with an unfortunate side effect of needing human blood to survive or a totally different spices we don’t know. I don’t really care either, though it’s fun to speculate.

What is also copiously missing is the ‘vampires as sexy seducers’ part and of that I am glad. I’ll have to say though that there’s something in Yun Jung Hoon as Tae Yeon that is decidedly making me hot under the collar. 🙂 I know I’ve mentioned it before but I also like the fact that the vamp abilities are helpful only up to a point. Most of the crime solving is just ordinary detection and team work.

We are heading for the finale and finally the confrontation with Hoodie, the Big Bad of this show. It’ll be a 2-parter so next Sunday’s epi will probably end in a major cliffhanger. I’ve no idea who Hoodie might be though there’s at least one serious contender. What I am dead sure of is that he is going to try to set up Tae Yeon like he did with the other vamp in the beginning. Why he waited this long is a mystery to me and hopefully we’ll get an answer to that too.

I love these two. It’s only with Soon Bum that Tae Yeon can relax, lower his guard and be ‘normal’. They can be ridiculously cute and goofy together. *g*

Here for teh pretty…

The Team minus Tae Yeon

Serious Emo Time – LOL!

Drama, you better not kill any of The Team or I’m going to be seriously pissed off!

Vampire Prosecutor…. 2 Be Continued… ^^
LJ 18th Dec, 2011
WOW… I mean, really… WOW… what an ending. I’m still quite hyper so can’t even think about going to bed yet. Hence I’m here. VP has been one drama that kept getting better by each epi and the ending did not disappoint either. Yun Jung Hoon has been an revelation. Damn, I think I’m in love. *g* Well, actually I rather love the whole Team Tae Yeon but Da Boss is in a nomnomnom class of his own, ha.

I was about 99% sure who the Big Bad was going to be but it was nice to be kept unsure almost till the end. The other reveal on the other hand was a total surprise. Never saw that coming. And…. the very end…. I hope that’s true too. Heh, I’m being cryptic as I don’t want to spoil in case someone interested happens to read this. I think I’m going to have a re-watch of the whole thing during Xmas break, because I’m already having withdrawal symptoms. I’ve got to have my weekly pint of blood. LOL!

They are planning on having a 2nd season. \o/ I really, really hope it’ll happen.

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