Thoughts on: Vampire Prosecutor

Below is a VERY looooong and rambling post about OCN’s Vampire Prosecutor. It consists mostly of my LJ reaction posts made during the airing of both seasons, though there are a few where I ponder a bit more about the nuts and bolts. I may have been a tad excited, judging by the exclamation marks and uninhibited squee, LOL! Mian, there are times I seem to revert to an overhyper teenager when I’m really into a drama.

Still patiently waiting for Season 3.

I’ve read the whole thing through and it shouldn’t contain any blatant spoilers but I’ve ‘hidden’ those parts that look like giving away too much of the plot.

Korea goes vampire…
LJ 4th Oct, 2011
Looks like cable is the place to go when it comes to interesting k-dramas. Just watched the 1st epi of Vampire Prosecutor (I KNOW, funky name ;P) and it was… well, interesting. 🙂 I’ve always loved procedurals of any nationality so the genre alone would have been enough to make me give it a go. I’m NOT a big fan of the flashy, quick cuts but other than that I’m in, at least for now. There are no subs of course and it’s a toss if any subbing group finds it worth their while. We lucked out with the likes of Mazzang and Joseon X-files but e.g. my dahling Saengchori didn’t get any love. I’m forever sad about that.

So, I had to resort to DB’s re-cap to find out what I missed as my Korean seemed to fail me worse than usual. I mean, I watched the whole fracking President raw and got most of it. How come political terminology did not faze me but crime one does? Go figure.

Like everyone and their dog have been commenting, TV is sort of over saturated with things vampire but this is (yet) a slightly different take on it. I’m quite curious to see where they’ll take it. The show that came mostly to mind while watching VP is Moonlight but there was also shades of Forever Knight (not the only one to think this). Both of which I loved. Not a bad thing at all…

Yun Jung Hoon looks good in suits…
LJ 23rd Oct, 2011
Vampire Prosecutor must be doing something… well, probably several somethings right, because after tonight’s episode I sat god knows how long staring at the screen and thinking. From the start it’s been one of those shows you just can’t leave without a thought. I keep looking back to previous episodes, trying to connect the dots and wondering what I missed about the bigger story arch. Watching the episodes raw makes me pay more attention to what’s happening but I still manage to miss all sorts of clues. For once I don’t mind at all having to watch all the epis again with subs because I always pick up something new.

Today our smexy prosecutor got totally pwned by a smart lady lawyer and her cohorts. At the end he didn’t quite know whether to be angry or admiringly amused, I’m guessing it was bit of both. 🙂 She was interesting so I’m hoping she’ll be a recurring character. The ending was…… intriguing. That’ll have to be something relevant further along. I’m dying to know what those papers were about, something about the judge maybe.

I like it that the vampy senses give Tae Yeon an edge only to a point, after which he has to rely on normal methods of detection like everyone else. What he sees can also be somewhat misleading, as seen last week. Today as well, I guess. The preview made me wish it was next Sunday already.

I’m addicted – nothing new there, heh.

Good job Vampire Proz!
LJ 27th Nov, 2011
You are getting better by each episode and always leave me stewing till next time. Why is the drama only 12 episodes?! Anyway, all I can say that these vampires are no fluffy seducers, they get quite feral when in contact with fresh blood from a living human. Also, seems like once you get a taste of the real thing, the blood bank stuff won’t do any more. it could get quite hairy if you suddenly start snacking on you colleagues and best friends. Our smexy prosecutor has been ‘this’ close at loosing it for a few times now. Will he be able to keep his shit together till the end? That’s the million dollar question…

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