Yoo Na’s Street – the soundtrack

I could spend an entire day watching expressions change on Chang Man’s face. I think I’m in love with Lee Hee Joon’s acting, LOL! YNS re-watch is now at ep 15 and I’ve lost count of how many of the clips at JTBC YT account I’ve watched and rewatched. XD

Anyway, the reason of this post is the OST. I really like how different the soundtrack is. They’ve so far released only the two main tracks and the only gripe I have is that there should be more songs as these two are kinda getting overused. Not that it’s ‘almost paaaaaraaadise’ level of painful yet, ha.

사랑따위로 (With Just Love)

혜원 (Trap)

Some of the cast ain’t too shabby as singers either…

Tango is not as easy to sing as you’d think and Oh Na Ra (Yang Soon) is doing a very good job here. I recall reading that she is a musical actor so… no wonder.

서울야곡 (Seoul Serenade)

에레나가 된 순이 I think the title means ‘Sun Lee who became Erena’

Here are couple from Lee Hee Joon
세월이 가면 As Time Passes

그 날들 Those Days ♥♥ 🙂

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