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On their way to give a lession to a lying, cheating boytoy of Mi Sun’s.You mess with these ladies at your own peril.

I’ve been slowly re-watching Yoo Na’s Street with subs, when time permits and I think I love it even more the 2nd time around. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s one of those rare dramas that just seem to perform even better with re-watch, as you notice things you missed during the initial run. Even though I seem to have understood surprisingly much of the dialogue, there’s no denying that subs do help to shed new light to some of the scenes. YNS is definitely the best of the dramas I’m watching right now and it trumps most of the dramas I’ve managed to finish over the past few years. Everything just works and all the actors are spot on, no week links here.ย  One of the things I adore, is the subtle humour inserted here and there throughout the episodes. It’s very low key, like just about everything in YNS and I find myself suddenly grinning or chuckling when I least expect it. This drama is SUCH a delight in every way!

Endless Love has been entertaining so far but recently we’ve had too many episodes ofย  The Weepy and some of the plot is also getting sort of repetitive already. Just how many times is In Ae going to be imprisoned? Girl just don’t seem to learn. If you deliberately go poking at a hornet’s nest, you’ll eventually get stung. She knows who she is up to and she still goes ahead and puts herself in a position to be abused. Everyone else in the show seems to have wised up somewhat over the years but she just stubbornly keeps making the same mistakes over and over again. Pretty asanine from someone who is supposed to be very smart. I could underestand her behaviour in the beginning as she was just a hot headed kid, but now – not so much. I’ll give this a few more episodes to see where the whole thing is going but once the annoyance level overtakes the enjoyment level, it’ll be ‘bye, bye’.

Another drama I’ve been following is Hig School King of Savvy, though I haven’t felt any need to write about it. It’s been pretty amusing and I just love Seo In Gook in it. Boy’s got an impeccable comic timing. I am a bit apprehensive about what the last episode is going to bring as I’m not too hot on what the preview seems to indicate. We’ll see.

Last epi of Wonderful Season aired today and I still haven’t found time to catch up with it. RL should get less busy from next week on so I hope I’m able to continue from where I left off, all those months ago. Time sure goes fast, blink and it’s another week gone by. O_o

2 thoughts on “Drama Talk

  1. I’m on ep 10 of High School King Of Savvy…a charming show…and there is something in Seo In Guk’s acting that makes his character full of warmth…he is adorable ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yup, Savvy was a fun little drama and generally put me in a good mood. SIG has the makings of a proper actor, I’d just like to see him take on something meatier to see how he fares with something other than comedy. I knew him as a singer first so I find it amusing when people are so surprised about that fact.

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