Win some, loose some

Joseon Gunman just released gorgeous, GORGEOUS new posters. They are even more visually stunning than the drama itself. Which is why I’m ever so bummed that storywise Joseon Gunman has not grabbed me at all. I don’t feel anything for it… well, maybe mild annoyance for some of the more frustrating plot points. I’m stuck on episode 8 and can’t seem to find the interest to move on. I’ve read most of the recaps and that is already telling. I don’t do spoilers for shows I’m truly interested in, sometimes I even avoid all the previews. Sigh. I was SO excited about JG during the promo period and now…. It’s quite likely I won’t ever finish it.

Talking about drama posters. Three Musketeers’ (the Joseon version) ‘artistic’ team has just shown us how NOT to make promo posters. OMG! They are truly hidously bad PS jobs. I could do better, in fact I’ve done better. LOL! Oh well, maybe the drama itself turns out to be awesome or at least more entertaining than JG.

Going by how much I’m enjoying Endless Love, I really must be in a melo mood. Ha! As melodramas go, it really isn’t half bad and I still find all the main movers and shakers quite interesting. Some more than others. Let’s see how long this keeps up. 🙂

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