Thoughts on: Just You

It was Nov of 2011 and I managed to sort of accidentally acquire another drama to watch on top of my usual roster. The drama in question was Just You/Only You/My One and Only and my first taste of a daily drama. Yeah, one of those with 100+ episodes and still without subs at the time I decided to dive in. Clearly something was wrong with me. LOL! I decided that it’d be strictly filler, not to be followed religiously (unless I got obsessed and in that case all bets would be off). The chances were that I might even bail out in horror or get bored to death at some later date but the first 2 episodes were rather cute, so … Besides, it had sweetie Seo Joon Young (OMG, he was adorable!) as the lead and Han Hye Rin (Ra Ra in ‘Gisaeng’) as his OTP. Being a daily the drama has gzillion other characters so it took a while to place them, let alone remember what they were called, ha. Even harder to do with no subs but as it’s a KBS drama, there were subbed KBSWorld epis later on.

A really long post ahead ^^

Just You is a pretty typical daily family drama but as I’ve tried a few others after it and never got past first few episodes (save for the amazing I Live in Cheongdamdong), I’d say it’s better than average. In a true kdrama fashion, Just You’s world is a small one and everyone is connected to everyone else. I loved some of the characters (OTP, Grumpy Grandpa, the oldest bro), liked most and even learned to tolerate those I found irritating to begin with. Apart from the 2nd male lead, to be referred as Smarmy Bastard from here on. XD God, he was annoying as hell!

The OTP has a typical meet-cute when Ki Un Chan (SJY) saves Na Moo Goong Hwa (HHR) from some falling steel pipes. She casually tries to offer money as thanks and he gets all annoyed as for him money is something you earn by working hard for it. She is a pampered princess of a rich family who’s never had to think about where the money comes from and UC is a totally alien species for her. LOL! He intrigues her enough for her to start hounding him as for why he wouldn’t accept her money. So, to get her off his back, he decides to show her by inviting her to accompany him to one of his part-time jobs, a member of an office cleaning crew. Hilarity ensues. The relationship progresses from there as they first become friends and then slowly fall for each other. Un Chan is the magne of a large family and because of a birth secret (of course) has a rather precarious position in it. He’s a good son and brother though as well as hard working and pretty bright with dreams of becoming an architect. He is also a ‘genius’ (yeah, what would a kdrama be without one of those, ha) when it comes to wood working of any kind. Moo Goong Hwa has been studying violin in a prestigious college in England but would rather play trot than anything classical. ^^ In the beginning of the drama she quits college to come home and gets in a battle of wills with her formidable mother. She eventually ends up working in the family business, at first because that’s the option her mother gives her in place of studying (mommy thinks she’ll quit in a hurry and marry Smarmy Bastard post haste) but UC makes her find out what she is really capable of. She’d be bit of an annoying brat if she wasn’t a good, caring person and rater lonely underneath her ‘princess’ persona. It’s just that she’s lead a very sheltered life being indulged and pampered. UC shows her another kind of word, one that is more vivid and full of interesting things. He also has something she has dreamed about all her life – a large family, most of whom live together. They do make up a lovely and compatible OTP who have to wade through all the (usual) obstacles to be together.

This ended up clocking 128 episodes and as expected, did start to lag towards the end with some plot points dragged out beyond their welcome. It was mostly a fun ride though, with parts that were surprisingly sweet and poignant. I especially liked the oldest brother’s story arch from an irresponsible whiner to a good husband and father who was also a pillar of strength to Un Chan when the poor boy’s world came crumbling down.


Un Chan decides to educate Moo Gung Hwa in the ways of the working class. Girl has no idea what actuall ‘working for your money’ means so she arrives, late of course, dressed in totally inappopreate clothes. The look on his face…. *snigger* The other workers also can’t contain their mirth when eyeballing this vision of the latest (kdrama) fashions. XD Being nice people, the ladies in the crew lend her something more suitable to wear.

Early on, during their ‘just friends’ phase, the OTP does a stint of helping at the Community Centre where Un Chan’s father and the middle bro also work at. Aren’t they just squishy cute! 🙂

Then the Smarmy Bastard has to enter and spoil the fun.  I still want to smack that smug face.

Un Chan is SUCH a cutie.

Couple of nice OTP moments.

Un Chan with Gumpy Grandpa aka MHW’s grand uncle (her maternal grandfather’s younger brother). He takes UC under his wing and I just loved their relationship.

The whole Ki clan together – yup, there is quite a few of them.

Another relationship I loved – Un Chan with his papa.

Beyond this point – very spoilery reaction posts copied from my LJ. Proceed with caution. 😀

LJ 9.2.2012
I’m easily amused

Sigh, everyone in Just You should just stop trying to keep secrets because they are so damned useless at it. If I’d taken a drink every time someone accidentally spills the beans I’d be a drunkard by now. LOL! Ah, drama…. I’d be pissed if I didn’t find it so fracking amusing. We just had the Shit Hits The Fan Pt.1 last week and are now heading for take 2. I am curious to see how the show means to wrangle itself out of the dilemma if Un Chan really turns out to be the son of his OTP’s father. (Why, hello there, fakecest!) So far they’ve been quite good at settling all the dilemmas so I’m fairly sure this’ll get sorted out too. But first we’ll get a metric ton of angst. My poor OTP, they are truly in it for now. Good thing Un Chan looks so pretty when he is suffering. I’m frequently distracted and have to backtrack because I lost the thread while admiring his profile. XD

I don’t usually get homicidal with characters but could someone please ‘accidentally’ drive over Seo Joon – I hate the smarmy bastard…. The urge to strangle him gets more prominent each ep that goes by.

LJ 13.2.2012
Btw. dear, looks like I’m your brother…

Ok, it’s official then…. Shit Hits The Fan Pt.2 is here and Un Chan IS Na Young Ik’s son, soooo… Moo Goong Hwa and Woon Chan are siblings. At least on paper. They are definitely the OTP which means SHTF Pt.3, aka MGH is not Young Ik’s daughter, is yet to arrive. (edit: LOL! got that totally wrong as I forgot for a moment what a weasel Smarmy Bastard is – bribing the person in charge of the paternity test would be just his style – he did follow UC to the clinic after all) Don’t you just love k-drama families! ;P

Smarmy Bastard got hold of the paternity test results (of course he did, nothing stays secret in this drama, like…. ever) and promptly found Un Chan to spill the beans and gloat. Does he really think that this will get MGH to come back to him? She never had any real feelings for him but does the dude care? Nope. This writer has really taken a leaf from the old skool k-drama writing style. I haven’t seen delusional 2nd guys in a while. It does not help that Seo Do Young is such a wooden actor. Seo Joon Young, while being a relative noob (his resume is actually longer but then, SJY started as a child actor) acts rings around him.

If you pull a ‘noble idiot’ next I’m going to have words with you, drama! Just You has been surprisingly fun and almost makjang free for a soapy daily. Apart from the ‘everyone knows everyone else’s business’ and birth secrets that is. But I guess those are a staple of family dramas in general.

100+ episodes… I wonder how many are in that ‘plus’? Today was ep 70 already, time flies…. Next stop Angstville, I’m sure.

LJ 8.3.2012
All caught up with Just You

My poor OTPs are having a shitty time. Both are splitting up but at least the reason for Ji Hyuk/Su Ah is not that they are related. LOL! In ‘Just You’ everyone (who knows) has finally faced up to the fact that Un Chan is (supposedly) Mr Na’s biological son. Just as I thought, they really milked the paternity issue to the fullest. So, today Moon Goong Hwa found out and she’s totally heartbroken. Well, it can be bit of a shock to find out that you were about to propose to your brother. ;P (edit: of course that was still several episodes short of finding out that he wasn’t. Her bro, that is but before then we were served some more fakecest angst.)

At the end of the epi today Un Chan got a job offer from a firm that seems to have a project going with Mirae Architects. Iiiinnteresting…. He’ll take it, I’m sure and probably ends up beating Smarmy Bastard in all fronts. Just thinking about that is very satisfying. It’s always a joyous moment when something or someone wipes the grin out of the bastards face. I’m just hoping he’ll get thoroughly trampled in the end. Not that I’m vindictive or anything…

LJ 11.3.2012
Who wants to buy another trope…?

LOL! I think ‘Just You’ writers are using every single k-drama trope they’ve been able to think up. Why I’m not irritated by that is bit of a mystery. I still find the drama entertaining and really like some of the characters. Un Chan’s oldest bro Ga Chan wasn’t one of my favorites to begin with but he’s turned out to be quite nice. I love the OTP together and separately. Cranky Grandpa is awesome too. Unfortunately I tend to giggle totally in the wrong places. Mostly when Seo Do Young tries to act villainously and only manages to look mildly constipated. If this was a silent film he’d be the dastardly bad guy who always twirls his stash when he plots something…. well, dastardly. OMG! The Smarmy Bastard is such a typical ‘2nd lead who just don’t get it’ from anno dazumal. I thought they died with the old skool melos.

So, what’s new… Un Chan’s family all now know that he’s not Bu Nam’s son and I think they are going to kick him out. The middle brother especially is totally against him. Dong Chan has always been jealous of him. I guess it’s because of the children Un Chan is the closest to their father, even if he isn’t a biological son. The big revelation of this week was that UC’s birth mother may not actually be dead. *groan* I think she just arrived to Korea. She looks quite well off too. That’s one more person to put a spoon into the stew. Ok, let’s see how they will play that card…

LJ 15.3.2012
Dead woman walking

I know, I don’t have any taste but I’m having a whale of a good time with ‘Just You’ these days. LOL! The plot just landed firmly into makjang territory (the non-irritating kind) and I’m just waiting for the next crazy turn of events to unfold.

Un Chan’s dead birth mother turned out to be not so dead after all. She just returned from USA to find his long lost son (she seems to be seriously ill) and is now sharing a house with Bong Ja (Bu Nam’s wife aka the mother that raised UC). Not that BJ knows who this Susan Kim is…. yet. SK found out that UC is his son, though he doesn’t know who she is either…. yet. Smarmy Bastard and his trusted sidekick Director Jo got wind of SK being in Korea and had her kidnapped (I KNOW, fun innit?! XD), which UC happened to see (Un Chan to the resque!!). I guess having her spilling the beans to Mr Na about what really happened 24 yrs ago would spoil their chances at getting their hands on Mirae Architects. Not that it’s going to happen. We’ll just get several episodes of hairbrained plot bunnies before they get their just desserts. Unfortunately I doubt no-one will drive a truck over Smarmy Bastard in the end but I’ll be happy to settle with Un Chan dethroning him for good. So yeah, fun times ahead!

No-one’s been accidentally giving out secrets lately. I’m rather missing those moments, so how about it writers? Isn’t it about time…?

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