Yoo Na’s Street – EP 21

This episode managed to tug my heartstrings and made me tear up. Life can give one such a raw deal at times. It’s good to have someone to lean on at times like that.

OMG! The ending! Chang Man truly isn’t made up to be a ‘bad guy’. I could feel his grief over what he was asked to do. It was all for a friend but still… I don’t think anyone can talk him over to do something like this again. Too emotionally painful and I believe, against his moral code.

The thing with Yoo Na’s Street is that it never goes totally maudlin. Stuff happens but there is no overextended wallowing in misery here. There are good days and bad days – life goes on. This epi had it’s heartfelt, poignant moments and some rather sweet and funny ones too. Looks like we get more cute OTP interactions come next week. 🙂

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