Yoo Na’s Street musings

Yoo Na’s Street is still my preferred drama to go to. I love the leasurely pace and the feeling of being ‘part of the crowd’. With 50 episodes they have plenty of time to felsh out both the plot and the characters. We are getting to know the people bit by bit, their backstories, what motivates them… A tidbit here another there often revealed in small, everyday conversations, which there are a-plenty. I’m not sure how accurately they are depicting the world of petty criminals but it feels pretty true to life and I’m finding the whole set up quite interesting. There is a certain way things are done and a definite hierarchy within which all the players are positioned. People take care of their own but it is often a cruel world and you have to be resourcefull and resilient to survive.

I’m beginning to really like Yoo Na. She is quite guarded and tends to keep to herself, which people often take as rudeness. She is polite, up to a point but doesn’t see the need to bow down to anyone who hasn’t earned her respect. Underneath all that is a caring, soft heart and she’ll do whatever it takes to help anyone whom she has let in to her inner circle. Of course, the coin has another side too, betrayal is dealt swiftly and with necessary force. You don’t mess with this girl! Chang Man is also getting a few layers pealed back. I’m loving the fact that he is not a paragon of virtue but has quite clear flaws. He is still nice to a fault but there’s an edge to the niceness. Cross a line and the ‘nice’ stops there. He can be surprisingly petty too when he gets angry or irritated with someone. He should also learn to keep his mouth shut every now and then. Guy likes to talk and sometimes it has sorta hilarious consequences. 🙂 I think Yoo Na and Chang Man make a nice couple. As different as they are in some aspects, they are both straight shooters who say what they mean and mean what they say. No playing of word games with these two. Needless to say perhaps but I quite adore the rest of the people connected to YN & CM. None of the characters feel like surplus, they all have a firm place in the scheme of things and bring something special to the mix. There is a sense of camaraderie and the people linving in the multiplex make up a family of a sorts. Not always in tune or harmonius but that’s usually how a real family dynamics work too.

The drama never makes a mountain out of a molehill and even the more serious stuff is doled out in a very matter of fact way. This is the world these characters inhabit, not always a happy place and sometimes it’s tough going forward but you make do, to the best of your ability. It’s life as they know it. It’s a rare thing indeed to have a drama that is so assured in it’s storytelling that it doesn’t need to resort to all sorts of cheap gimmicks to desperately try wooing the viewer over. They are telling a story they want to tell and you either tune in or not. As simple as that. I also love the subtle humour. There are constantly little things here and there that make me chuckle. People are funny creatures as a whole. Like in one episode Chang Man and Nam Soon were sizing each other up in front of Yoo Na. Both were throwing pointed barbs back and forth while being oh so polite and fake nice about it, LOL! They both like Yoo Na but I think Chang Man has already taken a resicence in her heart, even if she won’t admit it, ha.

I’m looking forward to tonight’s epi. As laid back as this drama is, there is always something more serious going on that usually gives us new insights to the characters TPTB decide to focus on.

4 thoughts on “Yoo Na’s Street musings

  1. Yay that you’re still enjoying Yoo Na’s Street! Thanks to you, I’ve got this on my list ^^ Of course it’ll take me (almost) forever to get to it, given everything ELSE that I’ve got on my list, but still! It’s on my radar! And that’s something? 😉

    Also, LOVE the new header of Joseon Gunman!! GORGEOUS ❤❤❤

    • Yup, given my recent trackrecord with dramas, Yoo Na’s Street is one of my lucky finds, I’m truly enjoying it. 🙂 I guess it’s length, lack of popular (pretty) actors and slice of life feel is why it’s so unappreciated. Such a shame, as compared to most dramas on air lately, it’s quality and this being JTBC, it’ll probably stay that way too. Such an easy watch, love it! XD

      Which header might that be as I’ve got two? ;P They did turn out pretty well, even if I’m saying so meself. *g*

      • It’s the one with LJK in silhouette! Sooo~ PRETTY!!! 😀 😀 😀 And now you’ve made me curious about the other one too, actually! XD

        Also, fingers crossed that Yoo Na’s Street stays awesome all the way through, coz I’m lookin’ forward to watching it! ^^

        • Oh, there’s another header with all the character posters in it.^^

          I’m truly hoping that YNS keeps the quality up as it’s SO good right now. It would be a crying shame if it goes off the rails or looses it’s focus at some point.

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