The grumpy Joseon Gunman post

Six episodes in and my enthusiasm has become, shall we say, deflated. The first two episodes were fine. Yes, they were mostly set up and served as an introduction to the main characters but they matched the feel of the previews and promo material well enough to make me anticipate what was to come.

There be a few spoilers after this.

Episode 3 came and I was kinda underwhelmed. Next one didn’t exactly light a fire under me either. Ok, that was more set-up, surely things would chanage once Yoon Kang got his revenge going? He was now the badass gunslinger Hanjo, the Man in Black and too cool for school. Alas, I’ve now seen epis 5-6 and that certain je ne sais qui is still missing. Where’s the excitement and breathless wonder? There’s nothing wrong with the execution and the cast is doing a fine job too, I’m just not feeling anything. I haven’t become emotionally invested in the characters and thus the whole story is not making much of an impact.

I’m not bored – yet, so I’m still ok watching the drama but with a detachment which unfortunately makes it easy to focus on all the irritants I would otherwise not pay attention to. When I truly love a drama, even clearly obvious flaws pale into insignificance. Joseon Gunman unforunately has a feature that is one of my pet peeves in just about every actiony drama. The power balance. Odds are almost without a fail heavily stacked against the Good Guys. I’ve noticed that the sageuks and action/revenge dramas I’ve loved have all had equally smart people on both sides. The ebb and flow of the advantage being passed back and forth is what makes the story exciting. Not making one side, usually the hero & co, act like bumbling idiots who plain suck at what they do, just for plotty reasons. So far Yoon Kang seems to have his brain intact but when it comes to manpower on his side…. *shakes head*

Right now I’m not convinced Yoon Kang has a proper Plan for his revenge. There seem to be quite a few details he hasn’t taken into account. That said, I’m pretty much watching this for LJK’s anction scenes now. I love the way he handles that pretty rifle of his. And he does look veeery spiffy in the suit. 😀

As for the ladies, Hye Won’s got my vote for now. She is competent, smart, corageous and graceful to boot. Soo In may have a good head on her shoulders but oy, the whay she uses it! In her stubborn need to prove that Hanjo is Yoon Kang the silly bint was drawing the attention of all the wrong people. Didn’t it occur to her that if Hanjo really is Yoon Kang, he’d be in deep kerwaffle if his cover is blown? Girl, you better wise up before you do something irreverciably stupid.

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