Another Yoo Na’s Street post :)

Ok, I have a serious need to squee, so – SQUEE!!! XD

Yoo Na’s Street is a gift that just keeps giving. Every episode so far has left me with a big, happy grin on my face and it does it without any overblown, grand gestures or gaudy bling. It’s so refreshing! How can a drama that is this understated and ordinary in it’s plot lines be this engaging? Good writing really elevates even the mundane to a new level. Aded by assured directing and competent actors. I just love these characters to bits, they all feel SO real. I thoroghly enjoy watching them interact and each episode seems to reveal little bit more about about them. Sigh. I also like all these snippets of earnest conversations here and there that add even more meaning to the story lines.

I know Yoo Na is the central character here but I can’t help but to relate to Chang Man the most. It’s not because he is male (doh!) but rather because of the almost tangible warmth Lee Hee Joon brings to the character. Yoo Na is harder to root for, I can’t tell what makes her tick. She is so guarded and sort of abrubt that she comes off as stand offish. I hope they’ll let us see more what’s behind the shields as right now Yoo Na as a character is overshadowed by Chang Man and I like my leads to shine equally, each in their own unique way.

Chang Man-ah… He’d come off as almost too good to be true if it wasn’t for the fact that he has his own quirks. He can be surprisingly petty and even sarcastic at times. His humour bites, when he wants it to. He also tends to speak his mind, which doesn’t always go down so well with certain people. Yet he is always impeccably polite and respectful while doing it, ha. Still, it’s almost funny how fast he became the dependable guy everyone seems to turn to when they need a helping hand, a sympathetic ear, someone to mediate in a dispute or to sort out their messes.

Next episode looks to be the one where the rivarly between Chang Man and Nam Soo heats up. I’d rather have a bromance but with 50 episodes maybe we’ll get that too. Nam Soo’d really need a friend, preferably someone without a criminal record – just saying. He is a nice lad who is a pickpocket only because circumstances forced him to that life. It certainly wasn’t his preferred choice of occupation. Yoo Na actually choose to be one, come to think of it, so her ‘kicking the habit’ for good will not come easy. I sometimes feel like in her own mind being a pickpocket is what defines her. She needs to see beyond that before she can truly find a new direction to her life.

2 thoughts on “Another Yoo Na’s Street post :)

    • Nah, I don’t think there’s anything that might be considered full on slapstick in this drama. The comedy is in the small everyday things, imho. For the most part anyway. I’m craving for the next episodes, sigh. The downside of live watching a good drama.

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