Drama talk

I seem to be on a roll so why stop now. XD The way things have been going this this year I may get uncommonly busy again all of a sudden. Even if I am on vacation right now.

So, dramas. I’m watching WAY too many. What’s with the deluge of decent enough dramas all of a sudden? I get half a year of mostly rubbish and then every other drama premiering has potential. Ya..y?

A New Leaf finished without much of a fanfare. It got shafted by MBC and that two episode cut really made itself felt in the last few epsodes. Characters more or less disappeared, storylines got dropped or cut short and there was far too much leagal talk. At least it was leagal talk that made sense. If nothing else ANL is a drama that depicted the Korean leagal world with as much reality inserted as a fictional story can. Something that can’t be said about a slew of other dramas centered around a specific profession. Not to mention those that make an unholy mess of it all together. There’s this hospital in SBS…. ;P Anyways, I really liked ANL as a whole, warts and all. Mostly because Kim Myung Min is great and because what it did well, it did really well. Lack of romance didn’t bother me at all. I actually think that ANL was better off without it. Ending seems to have disappointed some peeps but I was quite happy with it. So what, if not all questions got answered. None of them were those that mattered much in the long run.

No-one who’s seen the first episode of Endless Love can be in the dark about the fact that we are dealing with a melodrama here. Goodness, that was one overly dramatic introduction! And in a true melo fashon the first few epsodes heaped as much misery on the protagonists as it could manage. Life sucks and then it sucks some more. LOL! I still like it quite a bit. Strange, eh? It ain’t actually half bad as melos go and I haven’t seen a well made one in ages. Something about it reminds me of Giant. It’s probably the set up. The main characters have potential, though in the first 4 epis they are still sort of embryonic. I am interested in seing how they get shaped up with the event’s over the next few epis. The made-family dynamics got badly disrupted and shaken up by the Big Bad. Hwang Jung Eum’s In Ae and Jung Kyung Ho’s Kwang Chul unwittingly get mixed up with something that turns out to be bigger than they thought. Unfortunatley the ripples touch several others around them, especially as secrets get dug up in the aftermath. Kwang Chul is probably the iron man…. or an alien. He’s survived several severe beatings, being hit by a car and almost drowning with barely anything to show for it. Just as well I found a place to suspend my belief on. ;P I may keep this… or not.

I’m also watching High School King of Savvy, which has been unexpectedly funny and sometimes even poingnant. Seo In Gook may yet end up being as good an actor as he is a singer.

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