Shout out to Yoo Na’s Street

This drama is a true hidden gem. It is such a shame neither Viki nor DF picked it up (or couldn’t get the license), so it’s flying under the radar for even those who otherwise might find it to their liking. I haven’t even seen anyone recapping it.

Yoo Na’s Street is pretty unasuming yet charming and I love, love, love Chang Man. He is such a good, generous man. ๐Ÿ™‚ He may be kind but he is no fool or easily lead and he is very good at declining propositions that don’t appeal to him or go against his sense ofย  what is fair. He is also a pretty good fighter. I don’t recall ever seeing Lee Hee Joon in anything but I’ll make darned sure to keep tabs on him from now on. *g* I’ve always liked Kim Ok Bin and she is doing great here too. Yoo Na is not instantly likeable like Chang Man as she tends to be rather prickly and guarded. She is fiercely loyal to those she accepts as part of her ‘family’ though and there is something oddly brittle behind the tough exterior. I think Chang Man was smitten right from the very beginning (gosh, he was utterly adorable when he realised he liked her) but it’s taking a lot longer for Yoo Na to see him as anything else than the ‘meddlesome next door neighbor’. There may have been a little movement on that front in yesterday’s epi, which I haven’t had time to watch yet, alas.

The rest of the cast is solid and I like all the side characters, each with their own (and sometimes quite amusing) quirks. They mostly consist of the other people living in the same multipex house with Yoo Na & Chang Man. Plus a few other recurring chars, in some way connected to either Yoo Na or Han Man Bok, their landlord. Man Bok is the CEO ofย  ‘Cha Cha Cha’ colatek and a bit of a character. I haven’t quite been able to dechiper if he is part of a gang or just an associate of the local gangsters as I’ve been watching YNS raw. I should really rewatch the early epis with subs to clear up few of the other points I’m not too sure about.

Going a bit off tangent here but I had the hardest of times figuring out what ๊ณจ๋ผํ… means. I got that it is a club of some sort but nowhere could I find a translation. Turns out it’s exactly how it reads; a ‘colatek’ as in cola+tek – a soda pop disco, ha. From what I was able to find out, a colatek was originally a disco/club for underage kids and no alcohol was on offer, hence the name. We had those too when I was a teen and they were called more or less the same. Gosh, I feel old now. XD Now a days ‘colatek’ seems to mean a dance hall/club for them older folks and the music of choice is…. trot. What else , ha.

The promo material for Yoo Na’s Street is perhaps a bit missleading as it seems to give the impression that the drama has more of a comic bent than it actually does. There is humour but it’s not slapsticky or OTT but rather it’s understated and springs from the situations and character traits. Mostly it’s just heartwarming and tends to put a smile on my face. So far there hasn’t been even a wiff of makjang even when the drama goes darker and more serious. All actions are very organic. I’ve probably said this before but what Yoo Na’s Street mostly reminds me of are slice-of-life jdramas. The good ones.

Yoo Na’s Street is the drama that I’ve been looking forward to most each week and it seems to stay with me the longest. I ponder about the latest episodes, how the characters are recting and what is going to happen in the next instalments. That usually puts me in a very happy place. Of course now that Joseon Gunman has started, this may change. ^^

Because I’m a bit nuts, I decided to translate the relationshp chart,ย  ha. I could not figure out what ๊ฑด๋‹จ ์ถœ์‹  means and it irks me to no end, so if anyone has a clue let me know. ;P

6 thoughts on “Shout out to Yoo Na’s Street

  1. Ok, this does sound promising! I giggled at the colatek thing – it really sounds nonsensical, but it makes so much sense when you do know what it means! XD

    Also – WOW. You’ve been watching the eps raw, AND you managed to translate the relationship chart??? I bow at your prowess! *bows*

    • I don’t know about the prowess. It’s more like that I know how to use a dictionary. XD It’s not all that hard to translate individual words, even if it can take time. Translating full sentences is the tough part as my Korean vocab is still disgustingly small. The older I get the harder it is to memorize anything so I have to view/hear each word several times before it sticks. I can follow simple, everyday conversations when they are not full of jagon pertinent to a specific subject. If there are even a few words or expressions I’m familiar with I can usually deduct the rest. And sometimes everything just goes over my head, LOL!

    • I think you might like this. It’s been a very easy watch so far and I really appreciate the lack of the usual, unnecessary high drama. It’s 50 episodes though, so I hope the quality won’t suffer along the way. YNS is set in the world of petty criminals and ex cons, so expect some violence. Which is not glorfied btw. It’s just part of the package. That’s how their life is.

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