First impressions: Joseon Gunman

It feels a bit moot to sing the praises of this drama as it’s already been praised in every other blog it seems. Still, this was such a great start and I must say I’m SO thrilled that the first two episodes of Joseon Gunman did not disappoint but rather were just as good as the promo material let us believe. Yay!

I wasn’t as big a fan of The Princess’ Man as most people seem to have been. The set up at the beginning took too much time and frankly, all the lovey-dovey just bored me. Which is why I was happy with Joseon Gunman dropping us straight in the middle of the action. I also like Lee Jun Ki way, way more than Park Shi Hoo whom I’ve always found a bit too smarmy for my taste. There’s certain kind of warmth in LJK that I just find very endearing. He’s had a tendency to get somewhat OTT at times but I think he’s been a lot more ‘reigned in’ and I’d say focused since he came back from doing his military service. I also think he is perfect for sageuks. He just looks so good in the joseon garb. 😉

I like the way the romance has been intertwined in the overall story and seems to happen parallel to the political shenanigans and action. So far none of the different features of the story have taken precendence but everything is quite balanced. There’s even a smattering of humour and cuteness to bolster up the more heavier aspects. Me likey. LJK and Nam Sang Me are a very good match as the OTP. We haven’t yet seen much of the 2nd leads so I can’t say much about them. The rest of the cast seems to be doing their job just fine. The supporting actors in kdramas are almost without a fail great. Also, the Baddies don’t feel all that cartoonish, at least as far as I can say based on just 2 episodes. I hope they get more shades to them than just black as the usual Mustache Twirling Villain is not very interesting as a character.

I’m really looking forward to the next two episodes. Going by the preview, it looks like our hero’s tranquil life gets the usual kick in the shins and he’ll start his journey to become the titular ‘gunman’. Bring it on!

This is such a pretty drama. I’ve loved all the different costumes LKJ has been donning. Same goes for NSM’s girly clothes. I think I coveted LJK’s outer garment in the photo above for most of the episode. I love the colours! 🙂

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