When it rains, it pours…

Well, that’s what it’s actually been doing here in the ‘real life’ all day but what I mean is Joseon Gunman posters. Several more were released today and they are gorgeous! KBS really stepped up the plate with this promotion cycle. Now, if only the drama proves out to be just as gorgeous. One can hope….

This is now my computer background. 😉

There are also five individual posters but insted of putting them here (they can probably be found @ just about all drama blogs by now) I made a banner with them. Just click through the banners if you like to see it. 🙂

The second teaser…

2 thoughts on “When it rains, it pours…

  1. I still can’t put a finger on why saguek usually gets me into an awful nitpicky mode. This looks better than most but i think JunKi is always slightly hammy. I’ll keep looking out for ur praises on this one, not jumping in livewatch. It would be too depressing if a kdrama looks decent but crap on me near the end.

    • Well, you can never be absolutely sure with kdramas. They can turn out to be turds of the first order even with a good promo and beginning. This one looks very promising, so I’m hoping it’ll be one of the few that won’t end up stinking the place up. So much depends on the script.

      I have a serious soft spot for LKJ so I always forgive him for the occasional ott moments he’s prone to. 🙂 He has become better at reigning it in though. Hopefully the director is one of those who can keep his actors in check.

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