Secret Love Affair – The end

I loved it, the ending. Without any reservations. In fact, it was more or less what I envisioned but didn’t quite dare to hope for. Ahn Pan Seok – I bow for you and your grasp of how to make a drama that has a beginning, a middle and a proper end. πŸ™‚

SLA is such a lyrical moodpiece that I can’t see it appealing to everyone. The pace is assured but unhurried, giving scenes and moments time to develop and play out to the fullest. I guess this is dull and boring to some people but as Litte Myy of the Moomin’s fame discovered; “It’s amazing how much you can to see, when not always running!”.^^ I enjoyed the chance to get thoroughly immersed in a well put together show. Even when it made me feel a little too deeply at times and occasionally fear for my sanity.

Different moods and emotions flow through this story, pretty much like music really. It makes you think and ponder, which is probably one reason for the lack of allure for the foreign viwers. As far as I can tell, SLA was quite well received in Korea. I understand the draw of easily diggestible fluff but I generally need something meatier for my viewing pleasure. Fluff, like cotton candy, tastes awfully sweet but won’t fill you up in the long run.

It’s a shame that the premise of a clandestine affair put many off the drama. Especially as that was just the framework in which the much fuller story is being told. Hye won’s marriage was such a sham too, a mere front that was more of a business partnership than a true marriage. And don’t even get me started on the dear hubby. He may not be an abusive s.o.b but a real husband he is not. What sort of cad tells his wife to be a scapegoat and go to jail in order to keep the standard of living he’s accustomed to? Did he truly support her in anyway, ever? I didn’t see that, not even once. It’s no wonder that she fell for Sun Jae, who was always willing to put her first, to give her a shoulder to lean on.

The more I think about it the more it feels like the real secret love affair was Hye Won with Seohan Fundation. And that is a lot more unsavoury ‘do’ than her relationship with Sun Jae. I’d say the latter is much more healthy and balanced.

3 thoughts on “Secret Love Affair – The end

  1. Glad it was a lovely deeply thought provoking ride for you chingu! You know i didn’t get far to immerse in her world’s but it was puzzling but not intriguingly from the get go to even take the leap for me because I can’t shake she is as much to ‘blame’ from the get go entering and be stuck in her world without even much of a fuss or grumble. It was so bizarre and cringe-worthy for me to witness the abuse, physical and mental at her workplace and she is oblivious to it, not just putting up a front, i honestly do not feel any undercurrent of turmoil her end. It is not braving her world, staying afloat, but ignorance and subservient on her part without a proper mind of her own to analyze her situation and i just could not care about her and her tribulations.

    • But that’s just it, she wasn’t oblivious. She was burying all the hurt and humiliation while feeding her ambition. It’s in one of the later episodes you probably didn’t watch where she confesses that she wanted to be part of the ‘in crowd’, the movers and shakers. She wanted it so much she was willing to do almost anything to succeed, regardless of the cost to her soul. Addictions are generally like that. If you saw it as being ignorant and subservient, I think she succeeded pretty well in selling that ruse as she certainly was neither. Oh, and she did analyze a-plenty. Everything she did was calculated to the wazoo. She was way smarter than anyone in that crowd. What she hadn’t taken into account for was someone to make the front, built and perfected over the years, crack and expose what’s inside. It was only in matters pertaining Sun Jae that she’d stumble, miss her steps and become vulnerable. I found her interesting because she wasn’t what she seemed to be at first glance. You had to dig deeper to get to the ‘Real Hye Won’.

      But…. I guess when a character leaves you cold, she/he leaves you cold and that’s that. It’s happened so many times to me lately that it’s almost like a small victory when I can connect. πŸ™‚

      • Ohhh i didn’t expect it then! Did not see that coming and there I was judging her as this outwardly very well put together capable lady who is tolerating being treated like crap for what earn exactly?! It is still not worthy a stoop, but at least she set out to get what she wants whatever it takes. Hmph i am sure if this falls on me a better timing, when I’m in the mood, I’ll have none of my grumbles. It is still a very put together show i just fail to connect with.

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