It’s always darkest before the dawn….

Just two more episodes to go and we’ve come to the end of this particular road. I’ve still no nearer in guessing how this story is going to end as there are several possible scenarios out there. All I know is that it’ll be an ending the drama deserves and I doubt I’ll be disappointed. I have faith in the PD-nim. 🙂

I feel like the last few episodes have been sort of slow in pace but that’s probably just calm before the storm. The piranhas are circling and waiting for the right moment to strike. I really don’t see how Hye Won is going to wrangle out of the mess without getting herslf and/or Sun Jae hurt. The thing is, thematically it doesn’t make sense for her to get out scottfree. She has been a willing participant in the shady dealings and not some poor duped patsy. Though I wonder if she really thought that she’d be in this deep and what she’d have to give up to gain the societal position she was aiming after. It was Sun Jae who made her look in the mirror and really see what she’d turned into and ponder if it was really worth it. To live an emotionally stunted life, without real warmth and love.

Which leads me to the 1000$ question – why did Hye Won pick up an ass like Prof Kang for her husband? Surely there would have been better prospects, even for an arranged union. He is intellectually and professionally inferior to her. A mediocre pianist and mediocre teacher with questionable people skills. Most of what he’s gained over the years has been due to her. I do wonder if he was hoisted on her by the Seo clan. He is after all connected to them through his brother.

Anyway, it’s time for Hye Won to make her move and decide what she really wants. To take a chance with Sun Jae and kiss goodbye to the ‘easy’ life as she knows it or continue to live the lie. It won’t be an easy choise by any means. Sun Jae isn’t interested in money or prestige or fame. He still hasn’t lost touch with his former self so going back to the sort of existence he had before, if that’s the route he has to take at first, won’t be so hard on him. Besides he is young, so it’s easier to adjust. He can always play the piano and make music unless he happens to injure his hands.

I think Hye Won/Sun Jae make sense. They are good to each other and connected in a way that trancendes age and circumstances. I also think that a time apart is a must. Hye Won needs to distance herself from anything to do with the Art Foundation and that corrupt life, to learn how to live as a ‘human being’ again. Sun Jae needs to grow up a bit more and make something out of himself on his own speed, to blaze his own path.

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