Too many dramas, too little time

RealLife™ has taken over in the past few weeks and there’s been precious little time for me dramas. *snifle* I’ve also been too braindead to even attempt writing something when I have managed to clock some drama-watching time.

So, about them new kdramas. Once again I feel like I’m the odd one out as none of the fandom faves has appealed to me. I had no interest what so ever for Dr Stranger to begin with and nothing I’ve read about it has changed that. Same goes for You’re All Surrounded, though I did consider for about a minute giving it a go. Could not muster up enough enthusiasm in the end. 🙂 Tried out Big Man and Triangle but neither grabbed me in any way and I found both wanting in the character department. As in, I couldn’t care less about any of the mains. Yup, I’m still picky and hard to please. 😉

There is still New Leaf to sample but that has to wait till I can find a moment of unattached time.

Predictably the kdrama I did end up adding to the roster is one that is not subbed and thus gets no love, LOL! I’ve now watched all 4 aired epis of Into the Flames and quite like what I’ve seen of it so far. I’m planning a ‘first impressions’ post for it and hopefully that’ll materialise during the weekend.

I’m also watching couple of jdramas; Border and Bitter Blood. I like both well enough (though Border is the better one) but I’m not really compelled to write about them.^^

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