Thoughts on: The Pursuit of Happiness

Pretty1I haven’t really watched all that many TW-dramas as they generally don’t agree with me. They tend to be too cutsey, OTT and with cringeworthy acting. But every once in a while along comes one that totally wins me over. One that is perhaps not the ‘best drama evah!’, quality wise but has a lot of heart and cast of characters that make me root for them. The Pursuit of Happines is one of those. It came highly recommended by Mookie, a blogging pal of mine and as she is even pickier than me with her choices, I was preeeeetty sure I would not be disappointed. ๐Ÿ™‚ Which I wasn’t either. I throughly enjoyed my journey with Yi Kang and her lovely Lei Lei.

The Pursuit of Happines is surprisingly good for a TW trendy. We can mostly thank Tony Yang and Sonia Sui and their unescapeable, lovely chemistry for that. They made Yi Kang and Lei Lei so real and easy to love. It’s been a long while since I’ve felt this…. well, comfortable with an OTP. Watching them made me all squeey and happy inside. Whatever faults TPoH has, it’s still a romantic drama done right. Yes, the outcome is predictable but isn’t this why we watch romances in the first place? To see the OTP overcome all obstacles in the way of true luuuurve and then… ‘happily ever after’? Well, that’s why I watch them anyway. When I happen to be in a mood for some romancing. ^^ When it comes to romantic stories, to me it’s more about the journey anyway, than the final destination.

She is a cute drunk.^^

TPoH is basically a version ofย  the forced cohabitation trope but it’s done in a way that makes you forget what the framework is and just sit back and enjoy. We quite happily follow Yi Kang and Lei Lei on their personal journeys from reluctant rommates to ‘partners in crime’, colleagues, good friends, a fake couple and finally to something more. They both start out carrying a torch for someone else but eventually help each other toย  face the truth of not being ‘the one’ and move on. There are bumps on the road, of course but those stem from the characters themselves, who they are and the life they’ve lived, not from made up angst and convoluted plot twists to keep the OTP apart. (Yeah, I’m totally looking at you, kdramas!) Not that the uncertainity and emotional hardship these two go through is any less felt. It’s there but thanfully not enhaced to Nth degree, just because TPTB don’t trust you to ‘get it’ otherwise. You actually feel every twinge of the heart and low point they encounter. As well as all the funny, happy, sweet and swoony moments. It helps of course that both Tony and Sonia are wonderful actors with expressive faces. I loved watching their non verbal communication, getting a point across just with body language, expressions and their eyes. It’s also nice to have a pair of main characters who are adults and act like somone in their 30s should. They also have jobs they are good at and we actually get to see them work. How shocking! ๐Ÿ˜€
I liked the supporting cast. Lei Lei’s family, the work mates and even The Other Couple. Helen was kinda awesome and I could live with Wei Ting, even when he was being whiney and all about MeMeMe. I loved Lei Lei with her BFFs! The girlfriends were always there for each other, no matter what. Giving sympathy and good advise, cheering each others on. There were girl-talks, visits to a spa and nights out… or in, as it happens, watching a Korean drama and fangirling Cha Seung Won. LOL!

At the office


The Other Couple – Ting Wei and Helen


Tiffany and Jia Yi

BFF for evah!

While the girls were having a night out, the boys were bonding over some sports and having a guy-talk, which was pretty funny as they were all telling these stories about what ‘a friend’ was going through with his relationship. I doubt anyone was really fooled by it though.^^

Some might be disappointed at the pace but it suits me just fine. There is room for the moments to breathe and for the relationships to have a proper space to develop. TPoH is just 13 episodes long so there is enough time to tell the story without it becoming unnessecarily draggy. There ebb and flow of it all was kinda soothing, though there was enough stuff to make my heart flutter and the end part of ep 10 had me sitting there with this silly grin glued on my face. Sigh.

I find screencapping very tedious, but I seem to have made an exception with TPoH. ๐Ÿ™‚ As well as capping few of my own, I pinched several from Mookie – Ta, girlfriend!

Oh Tony Yang! Where have you been all my life?ย  XD
Ok, that was my moment… of serious drooling.

Sigh. Tony Yang is just gorgeous. And I spent many a moment green with envy because of his glowing, silky looking skin. ;P

Such warm eyes!

ย Seriously, the way he looks at her…

But so is Sonia Sui. I think she is quite regal.

The many faces of Lei Lei…

5 thoughts on “Thoughts on: The Pursuit of Happiness

  1. Your first paragraph sums it up for me! I’m trusting your recommendation for the exact same reason you did Mookie’s D: At only 13 episodes, that’s no sweat! Thanks!

    • You are welcome! ๐Ÿ™‚ Looking forward to your take/comments on it once you’ve done. Have fun! Now I sort of want to rewatch it myself, ha. Just thinking about it makes me smile and I’ve seen it twice allready.


    How have you been!?! haha just as I am finally catching a breather, and settling down back to some free time with my dramas and obsessions, namely THIS, YOU ARE WATCHING AND LOVING IT TOO. *jumping and dancing* The serendipity. It is lovely ๐Ÿ˜€

    We are not asking much, are we? just adults talking and behaving convincingly like normal humans. I guess not a lot of people think it’s worthy to make a drama out of it, less so to spend time watching. As you emphasized, Comfortably. Frankly I am so sick of my yapping snarkbuddy taking control of me all the time, the habit to bizarrely watch stuff I keep rolling eyes at is pointless and tiresome, so bad is funny is really not that funny, nor entertaining to begin with.

    Screencapping this almost takes out the fun for me, almost, vexing over what millisecond of Tony and Sonia to NOT good enough for grabs. Tell me! XD

    • I’ve been farely busy with my studies, preparing for the final work evaluation this month. Far too many documents to prepare and stuff to write for assessment. I’m SO ready to be done with school, it’s not even funny. So I haven’t had as much time to indulge in my dramas or any other shows. I’ve stolen moments here and there thogh. ๐Ÿ˜‰ One needs time to unwind as well.

      I was just wondering if you’d abandoned the ‘project’ while I was reading (and pinching caps) the previous posts about TPoH and then, voilร  your latest recap appeared. The serendipity indeed. ๐Ÿ™‚

      This really is a show that envelopes you like a comfy blanket and warms you up. To have Tony and Sonia grace my screen has been a lovely, lovely experience. I doubt TPoH would have been half as good without them. You really need actors of their ilk to elevate the material. There were so many scenes I kept rewinding to and watching again, just to see them do their stuff. How can they be so effortless at it?

      It is a rare treat to get a drama about adults who act like adults. I guess it’s too adult and thus boring for many viewers. I’m beyond pointless, silly shenanigans myself nowadays, unless the thing has a comedic bent to begin with. Well done funny has it’s place but those are hard to find. Comedy is a tough genre to get right. I’ve become so grumpy and hard to please myself. I haven’t watched all that many dramas in the past year as I’m very quick to give das boot early on to those I find lacking. ๐Ÿ™‚ There’s no point in wasting time on something that does not appeal to you. Life is too short for bad dramas.

      Deciding which scenes to cap and which caps to include with this post took ages. Seriously.

      • Best of luck on your finals! Ganbette!!! Hwaiting!!!!

        I made a few long slights myself and I just about had enough of it, physically feeling my body resenting what I am putting it through haha.

        And part of their effortless is how they can perform oblivious to the camera, a lot of times lesser actors coming across as almost hitting it but trying too hard because they are too aware, and that is understandable but to be so immersed in character on cue when the camera rolls yet zoning it out and just deadon focus on every finest detail of your performance and hence making it so natural and seamless, that is what Tony and Sonia are treating us! And the crazy good of them is, in bts, Tony is absolutely silly and a prankster, even in that Ferris Wheel scene, they were having so many NGs of them bursting into laughing fits they almost can’t make it at sunset. They are just born to be in this profession.

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