Secret Love Affair – EP 9-10

It’s me, Oh Hye Won… I’m going to work. This is my personal number. Save it under a different name.

I like your place. Although yesterday, I was a little scared going in by myself. It was dangerous. It was steep, and slippery because of the rain. I was hesitating every step whether I should go back but even at that moment I was worried that I would fall and break my leg and have to lie to other people. So I gathered up my strength to take each and every step carefully. After I climbed up the stairs safely I was going through the dark and narrow hallway but I liked it very much knowing that if I go through this hallway, I’ll get to enter your place.

After I turned on the lights, I almost cried. This is a home. This is what a home is supposed to be like. I am usually standing up no matter where I am and as you know, I’ve been occasionally known to sleep with my shoes on. I felt as though I was solely allowed to be in that space. And I thanked your mother. So I walked around your room freely. But no one should know about my visit, so I found myself tiptoeing around in your room. While I’m an expert liar I don’t want to make you one as well. I should be more careful. Such childish thoughts but I wish you’d be more careful too. Is this more childish?

By the way, I helped myself with one of your instant noddle cups. I didn’t want to wake you up with my slurping, so I went up to the top of the building and ate it. I can’t remember the last time I had something that tasted so good. I remember what you said, practicing your shoulders off the Rachmaninoff and Paganini pieces, enjoying them to the very end and doting on them. I realized what you meant. I live a strange life, as you know. So while I dare not say that I love your house and you, I still can’t bring myself to say those things. But, I’ll try to learn from you.

So Sun Jae, even though you don’t know much English or German… infinitely bright Sun Jae. To the world, this is adultery, something that is harmful to you, and a sin. But hide wisely and cover for yourself. I’ll take care of the messy part (of going forward with this relationship). That’s my expertise. Makes you squirm, right? Relax and have breakfast now.

[traslation by Viki]

Wasn’t this a lovely lead in to these episodes? Hye Won’s ‘love letter’. Her confession. The overall mood of the drama is often so tightly wound that I frequently find it almost too much to bear and yet… there are these quiet moments, filled with something intangible. Something that touches your soul even when you try to steel yourself against feeling too much, caring too much. “This is not real, they are not real!” And yet, you succumb to the magic almost without a fail. Sigh.

Watching Secret Love Affair is very much akin to watching a suspenseful thriller; I sit at the edge of my seat, heart thumping, eyes pealed to the screen and hardly breathing. Willing things to work out for our protagonists. These two are skirting it awfully close to the edge now. More and more people are cottoning on that something is amiss with our cool and collected Hye Won. They’ll be found out for sure. Soon.

Darn, I really shouldn’t get this drawn in to the world of SLA. Every episode leaves me oddly shaken and my head filled with thoughts, images, speculation. Craving for more. Is it Monday yet?! πŸ™‚

I’m glad that Sun Jae finally managed to tell Da Mi that she is not ‘the one’, that he only sees her as a friend. It would have been wrong for him to let her think otherwise for much longer and he is too decent a fellow to keep her hanging on. She took it better than I expected, for now anyway.

I can’t help thinking how well matched in Hye Won and Sun Jae are. Despite of the differences in age and circumstances. They complement each other. Which is why all of it makes me so sad. I can’t see a way for this to end well for anyone. Not in Korea. There’ll be plenty of hurt to go around. I somehow feel like I should be all aghast of the murky moraliy of this illict affair but I just can’t. Shit happens, life is not neat and orderly no matter which way you look at it.

The soundtarck is wonderful. I keep closing my eyes, to just listen and then I have to rewind because I missed what was happening on the screen. Some of the classical pieces I’m familiar with, others not so. I hope they release a full OST. It would save me from having to compile one myself.

One thought on “Secret Love Affair – EP 9-10

  1. Oh, that letter!! ❀ So, so, so beautiful and poetic in its honesty. Earthquakes, indeed!

    I am completely unable to brace for an unhappy ending. My heart is too open to Hye-won and Sun-jae and the perfectness of them together. Which means tears may well flow like insanity at the end for me but… all I can do is hope.

    (An example: Surely all the name dropping — Brahms and Clara, George Sands and Chopin, Igor… whatever his name was, who married his 20 years older than him teacher — could be seen as foreshadowing a happy, unconventional ending? Surely?!? *hopes* πŸ˜‰ )

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