Secret Love Affair – EP 7-8

I guess this more or less says it… and I don’t believe the shot was there by accident either.

This drama is a tough watch. It’s so filled to brim with emotions that you feel quite spent after you finish an episode and twice so after two. And yet, I always end up watching them more than once. I just can’t let be. Sigh.

These episodes. Oh lordy! What can I say, I was once again so engrossed with the story that after I’d done with the epis I just sat there, with a bounding heart and buzz in my ears, all coherent thought gone. To use teen-speak – all the feeeeels…. I went through a whole gamut of them, from deep sadnes to guaffy mirth and all sorts in between. It’s a rare drama that makes me empathise this deeply with the characters.

I’ve been trying to sort my thoughs on some sort of order but it’s not happening so I’ll just ramble on.

I must say I really love how they are keeping both Sun Jae and Hye Won so real. Both act according to their age and life experience. Sun Jae is a still pretty wet behind the ears and Hye Won a fully mature woman. Their reactions correspond to those you’d expect from a person with their respective age and background. No faking with that. The knack is to make the mutual attraction and connection beleavable despite of the differences and that is something this theam does with ablomb.

I laughed out loud at Hye Won erraneously getting her knickers on a twist due to the love motel thingy. And most likely because it’s exactly what she’d been imaginging already, probably more than once. Easier to put the blame on Sun Jae than admit to having the hots herself. Poor boy was totally confused why he’d been put in a corner and he was just trying to give her a brether, a moment of rest. She would have seen that herself had she not been so caught up in her own desires. πŸ™‚

Prof Kang is not a bad person per se but he is a bit of an unfeeling ass. The way he treats that assistant of his. *shakes head* I would have cursed him too. Then there was the marked difference on how he treated Hye Won after he saw her band-aided forhead and how Sun Jae reacted to that. Their marriage really is a business partnership and nothing more. Quite likely it never was much else. OMG! His visit to the fortuneteller. And the way it was linked to the final scenes of ep 8. That was both hilarious and rather sad at the same time. I’ve been trying to figure out what Prof Kang’s feelings about HW/SJ truly are and all I can come up with is that he is not really jealous of SJ but rather of HW, of her connection to SJ. Hye Won is so much better at almost everything than Prof Kang and he is painfully aware of that.

All the women of this drama are so fierce. When Madam Han kneed her hubby dearest…. Ouch! XD

It was quite hard watching Hye Won being abused and belittled. We haven’t been properly told how she’s coped so far but now she is slowly but surely crumbling. How long has she been lying to herself that getting handsomely paid is worth having to endure all the shit her job demands? Especially as it seems that she is on their beck and call 24/7. I think she has been unhappy for a long while already. Meeting Sun Jae just made her more aware and forced her to face the ugly truth.

I was rather amused by the HW/SJ alteracton at the practise room. She was steaming by the time SJ arrived. Jealousy is a bitch. That little laugh of SJ’s when he ralised what the rucus was all about. God, I love how wonderful YAI and KHA are in these roles. Heck, I love the whole production. There are no weak links.

Then there’s the ending of ep 8. I did not expect them to go ‘there’ quite yet but it didn’t feel misplaced or forced and I really liked how they went about it. No gratuitous sex scenes but something much more meaningful. I rather loved the pillow talk as well. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but SLA is quite devoid of the usual kdrama flashes of flesh. No stripping or shower scenes etc to titillate and yet the whole damned show manages to make me veeeery hot under the collar. ;P

Sun Jae’s face when he woke up and realised that Hye Won had left. :\ The realisation that these moments of togetherness would always be on borrowed time.

2 thoughts on “Secret Love Affair – EP 7-8

  1. It’s true, the people around Hye Won don’t even see ‘her’ anymore. She’s become part of the scenery, so to speak. Then along comes Sun Jae, who treats her as a real person, someone to cherish and protect. No wonder she was jolted out of the rut she had become stuck in. It must also be a heady feeling to be seen as a woman again.

    YAI is really on the ball here, the way disappears in the role. I don’t see anything of the real actor in Sun Jae. This could well be one of YAIs best works, if not the best so far.

    Somehow I can’t see this ending in ‘happily ever after’. I’m just hoping it won’t be too devastating.

  2. I couldn’t help but compare Tae-oh’s getting a hotel room for Seo-rae in “A Wife’s Credentials” and Sun-jae’s attempt to do the same here for Hye-won. Same motivation, different skill levels. πŸ˜‰

    After Hye-won gets put down by Young-woo at the ceremony and she come into her office near tears… it was so interesting to me that her secretary asked her what was wrong. Even though she’d witnessed the event. This is so situation normal for Hye-won and she’s finally realizing it really shouldn’t’ be, but for her friends and staff — that it would hurt her isn’t something they think of anymore.

    And to your point about the lack of skin showing… It really stood out to me that Sun-jae headed into the bathroom to bathe and he didn’t strip off his shirt. Very, very unusual for a Yoo Ah-in drama. And, weirdly, I appreciate it. Unlike Yoo Ah-in, Sun-jae is not a sex-symbol and doesn’t behave as such. For me, it helps Yoo Ah-in disappear into the character.

    I am so hopeful and hungry for a happy ending for these two. I’m going to get my heart shredded, aren’t I. 😦

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