Secret Love Affair – ep 5-6

Once again I got my expectations upturned. Maybe I should just quit trying to fit Secret Love Affair into any predictable mold I have built up based on previous kdramas. I guess that’s one of SLA’s charms. ๐Ÿ™‚

There be dragons spoilers…

That Professor Kang cottoned on to Hye Won’s and Sun Jae’s growing bond this early on, was quite a surprise. It puts a totally different spin on things already. Whether he thinks there’s some hankypanky going on or he just believes that Hye Won has hijacked his precious student, is something I’m not quite clear on. They were being pretty obscure about it. Though I guess him reading her text messages could be pointing to a certain direction.

One thing came out loud and clear with these episodes – Hye Won and Sun Jae truly are kindered spirits, they ‘get’ each other in a way that no-one else seems to. Of course there is also the physical side. The air farely crackles with UST every time they are alone together, but the connection runs much deeper than that. Which may actually be more dangerous than just being attracted to each other on a purely physical level. That can be ignored but what if what’s on offer is a kind of melding of body and soul…? Well, then we are playing in a totally different ballpark.

I don’t like Da Mi. She is too clingy and posessive and seems kinda unbalanced in her devotion. Everything about her spells ‘trouble’. She claims she’ll marry Sun Jae like it’s a done deal but shouldn’t he too have a say in the matter? Of course they might have discussed marriage earlier on but that doesn’t quite ring true to me. How did these two actually end up as a couple in the first place? They don’t seem to be on the same wavelength at all. We know so little about the backgrounds of all of the characters, so all we can do at this point is try to draw some sort of picture based on the hints we are given.

The more we learn about the Seo Han Foundation and the college attached to it, the more I want to shout “Run away, run away!!” to Sun Jae. ;P Everyone seems to think that he is some sort of asset to be used, whether it’s to bolster up a carreer, to make the dealings of the college board seem less corrupt or as a barganing chip. Ugh! Sun Jae is so transparent and straight forward that I’m wondering how an earth is he ever going to fit in. Do I even want him to? I know he is smart but will that be enough?

Kim Hee Ae is fast becoming my favourite actress. She is so, so wonderful in this. She makes Hye Won totally real and relatable. The subtle ways she conveys all the different emotions. Her face speaks volumes when she allows the feelings to show but she can also be totally stonefaced if need be. Though I think the different masks she has been wearing for so long are starting to crack now.

3 thoughts on “Secret Love Affair – ep 5-6

  1. Okay — how did I not realize this was your WordPress blog?!? I even have it followed and yet didn’t make the connection. *facepalm* I’ll claim RL pressures and beg your forgiveness. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I have a personal head-canon with Da-mi and Sun-jae. I see her as an outsider as a kid — too rough and tough to have many friends, too scary to be bullied. Sun-jae was another outsider — not caring because he had his piano, but not really part of the crowd. I don’t see him being bullied but I feel like Da-mi kind of “adopted” him at some point in grade school. Picked him for a partner project or something like that, and then kept showing up.

    I feel like she’s the driver of their relationship — at one point deciding they’re dating, then deciding that they’ll be married someday. Sun-jae is fine with the labels, but that’s all they are to him. She’s a family member to him, a dear friend. He hangs with her until he wants space (time to play piano, etc.) and then he’s gone. In some ways not fair to her, but he’s not lying to her either. This is just how they are. That’s how I see it anyway. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • LOL! I should have mentioned that I’ve ‘moved’ on to WP too. Seemed like the thing to do, considering that LJ is sorta dead. It’s not the best of times to get engrossed in a new medium but I’ve found this to be a nice relief for the rl stress. Besides I find tinkering relaxing. ๐Ÿ™‚

      As for Da Mi – she is certainly the driver in that partnership. I guess that Sun Jae has been sitting on the passinger seat as it was… convenient? And he does think of her as a friend and a family memeber. But yes, that’s just as far as it goes for him and he really should have put things right with her already. She’s grown too accustomed to him being ‘her property’ by now. It is going to cause trouble later on the line as I don’t think she’ll take the new direction of Sun Jae’s life lying down. Especially as it’s a lady twice his age he’s fallen for. I don’t know but I just can’t stand people being possessive in a relationship. It’s not healthy.

      • Aww, LJ. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I’m sad it’s dying but… circle of life, I suppose. And I do know about the relaxing nature of tinkering. I like your headers, by the way. The “Shut Up Flower Boy Band” is very cool.

        I totally agree with your take on Da-mi. I think she felt a twinge of the separation occurring when she watched Sun-jae’s graduation paper print out, but… yes, she’s not going to take it lying down. I wonder what will come first? Da-mi learning about Sun-jae’s relationship with Hye-won, or Sun-jae drifting far enough away — busy with school, etc. — to set Da-mi off?

        (Agreed that it’s not healthy. That she has to be that possessive because Sun-jae just isn’t that into her… their relationship is not what Da-mi wants to it be so she she’s forcing it. Unhealthy.)

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