Thoughts on: Beach Boys

(LJ 21/8/2011)

J-dramas are often hit and miss for me. When they work, they work brilliantly and when they don’t… well, they don’t. LOL! K-dramas are by default my preference but there is one genre Japan does way better and that is slice-of-life. The kind that feels totally real. I just watched one during the past few days. One that left a permanent grin on my face. Why, oh why don’t they make dramas like this anymore??!

Beach Boys is such a corny name and it conjures totally wrong impressions on some level but the name makes perfect sense within the context of the drama. I absolutely loved the story and the rather quirky cast of characters; the two ‘beach boys’ who one day appear like pieces of driftwood into this small seaside village and make an inn there their home for the summer, plus the residents of the said village. The strength of j-dramas like these is the wonderfully constructed scripting that besides the central characters has solid secondaries and tertiaries. There are also a number of visitors who all bring their own flavour to the mix. Beach Boys is an older drama, from 1997 and isn’t as technically flashy as the dramas these days but it has something a lot more important – plenty of heart. I actually capped this which goes to show how much I loved it….

So, what is it about? Other than summer fun….? A bit of this and a abit of that; families, growing up (well, for some more than others *g*), friendship, lessions in life amongst other things but mostly about figuring out where you belong. There are couples but no romance or an OTP, sorry. What it does have is a beautiful, beautiful bromance. XD

Takenouchi Yutaka is so young here and looking even younger. 🙂 It’s funny but Sorimachi Takashi looked older even then and he’s actually the younger of the pair.

Have some caps and couple of vids…..

This is Haruko, the local shop/bar keeper, witnessing our heroes arrive

Yeah, that’s how they did arrvie ;P

Makoto the innkeeper’s granddaughter getting her fist glimpse of the pair

Meet Kaito, the cool businessman on a ‘vacation’….

…. and Hiromi, the (resident) baka

The two end up as part-timers and bickering roommates at the inn

They fail to impress Harumi and Mokoto though

“How to embarrass a serious businessman on his workplace” – read his ‘poem’ aloud in the entrance hall 😛

There for teh pretty

The boys realise they’ve left Mokoto on her own on busy day

The Gang – old dude is the inn’s owner Masaru

Mokoto with her besties Yuuko and Yosuke

Tomfoolery in the sea, they usually tended to end in fully clothed

Trying to one-up one another…. and failing XD

The girl’s reaction, LOL!

A nonspoilery (well, you can’t really spoil with this drama) MV with the opening song

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on: Beach Boys

  1. Serendipity, we have a word for it! I suddenly decided to play around your blog, thinking you are an archeologist!??!? AND I bumped into Beach Boys. Gosh I love this drama so much still. Its magic is good old well done simplicity with abundance of heart and hot boys on the beach! lol

    I have suddenly picked up Nagareboshi even when it’s nothing special, but just the premise of Yutaka close to the sea, a beach, an aquarium must be triggered the nostalgic love I had for him, all started by this oldie.

    • LOL! Sorry to have mislead you. I did want to become an acheologist when I was young so… XD

      Beach Boys is ♥. I think I had a silly grin on my face for days after I saw it the first time. It’s one of those dramas I pick up when I need something cheery and heartwarming to watch. It never fails. It’s a pity they don’t make stuff like this anymore. Most of what Japan churns out these days doesn’t have much heart and not much cheer either. It’s a pity, they used to be pretty good at it, back in the day.

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