Thoughts on: Tiger and Dragon

Tiger and Drgon was one of those unexpected gems I picked up on a whim and it’s still one of my favourite jdramas. So… here’s another compilation of posts from the LJ ‘archives’.

(LJ 16.7.2008)

I could not find Utahime in any of the usual places so I settled for Tiger and Dragon for the next Nagase drama. And I think I’m in love. With the drama and my brand new ‘OTP’. Let me present you Yamazaki Kotora and Yanaka Ryuji…. XD

Yeah, I’ve never had the slightest interest in slash but after 4 episodes of T&D I’m having all sorts of naughty thoughts of this pair. Nagase Tomoya and Okada Junichi – what have you done to me!

I love Tiger & Dragon; it’s laugh out loud funny, the stories are amazing and thought provoking, it has a great cast and the main twosome is well, all kinds of fun. *g* And did I mention hot….

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

(LJ 17.7.2008)

Tiger & Dragon keeps being totally awesome and so bloody funny, and sad, and over the top, and cute…. I had no previous knowledge of Japanese Rakugo, it’s sort of stand up comedy… only it’s done kneeling, ha. More about it here for those interested.

Anyway, I’ve been laughing myself silly here. And yet, it’s not just funny stories, they all have a more serious side that’s very cleverly intertwined amidst all the fun. I totally, totally love all the charcters from Nagase’s yakuza (yes, another one) turned Rakukoga, Okada’s sweet but so silly Rakukoga turned lameass fashion designer, the whole Yanaka family, to all the various side characters. It’s all about families of all kinds, growing up – on many levels and finding your own way in life. Deep eh? But told in such a way that it makes you celebrate life even when going gets tough. Some parts are very, very farsical, in true Japanese fashion. May not suit everyone’s tastes but I’m a Finn. I grew up with Uuno Turhapuro (don’t ask!) and lame comedies so I’m pretty well used to that kind of fun, ha. Anyway, I always end up feeling cheered up after watching an episode.

Lot’s of good stuff but one of my favourite scenes from ep 2 is when the guys are having one of their heart to hearts at the oden cart. Ryuji gets all bashful and starts telling Kotoro that he thinks he may really be in love. Kotoro listens to it for a while and then mutters:
“What am I supposed to do about that….?”
Ryuji stops mid sentence and just stares… *A preagnant pause*. Then it dawns on Kotoro:
“Oh, wait. Are you talking about Megumi?” ” Oh, damn you sure scared me. I thought you were talking about me!”

That’s when I cracked up – it was exactly what I thought too, LOL! I was just a tad dissapointed it wasn’t really so. XD

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What do ya mean…?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Oh, it wasn’t me you ment – pity. *g*

(LJ 18.7.2008)

Tiger & Dragon stayed true to form till the end. The tone got more serous but celebrating the silliness of life was never forgotten. The good, the bad and the ugly – it’s all part of life. And sometimes you just have to grin and bear. Besides celebrating life T&D is an ‘ode’ to friendship and families. Both friends and families come in all sorts of packages. πŸ˜‰ Anyway, this is the drama to watch when you are feeling down. You’ll be laughing through your tears before you even know it. I loved the ending, the whole final ep was lovely. Kotoro & Ryuji is such an adorakable duo. Slashing aside, they are almost closer than real brothers in the end, such an unlikely pairing, ha. – The Tiger and The Dragon. And the whole – extended – Yanaka family is a bunch of adorable loonies! *g* Gosh, I love Nishida Toshiyuki who plays the father/Rakukoga master. He’s amazing!

Stuff you find while trawling the net…. Nagase is the youngest member of Tokio and Okada is the youngest member of V6. Yes, I do research too. LOL!

Oh, I also like the ending song UTAO-UTAO, by… um, V6. As the end credits roll the whole damned cast is there, singing their heads off.

Have crappy quality vid… but the song makes me smile. πŸ˜‰
Sadly that YT vid is gone and I couldn’t find a replacement.

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