Thoughts on: Ghost (2012)

A compilaton of my Ghost squee posts. Together they may just add up to a full rec of sorts. 😉This should be more or less spoiler free with just a few hints here and there.

(LJ 30/6/ 2012)
After 10 epis
Curious. This current crop of airing dramas. As it seems to happen every now and then, the one I wasn’t all that interested in to begin with has ended up the one I’m most keen to watch.

So, surprisingly it’s Ghost that I’m most looking forward to each week. The 1st episode wasn’t all that hot, granted but it was ep 2 and especially the twist at the end that got me hooked for real. I wouldn’t say that the plot is very original and there is some obvious “hand waving” but it’s been twisty enough so far to keep me guessing. E.g. the revelation at ep 10 I did not see coming. Would not have pegged that particular member of the team to be the mole. Should have guessed though, isn’t it always one of the least obvious ones? What is more, I can feel the characters. Well, mainly ‘Woo Hyun’ and I’m rooting for him to beat the bastard in his own game, LOL! I’m quite liking the others as well, especially Mad Cow. 🙂 There is no romance so far and of that I’m ever so glad. I like my detectives concentrating on investigating and not romancing each other. Loveydovey tends to disrupt the flow. Ghost is leaning quite heavily into the ‘super villain’ territory and is typically biased towards the bad guys, a trend I could do without. It should actually irk me but for some reason doesn’t. Not at the moment anyway. Maybe because this isn’t as blatant as in many recent shows. At least they dished out some of the brainpower to the good guys as well this time around.

I’m still a bit wary of the whole thing though. The team behind Ghost is the same that did Sign and I really, REALLY hated the ending. I do hope they don’t got that-a-way with Ghost or Imma blow a fuse. Ghost is not anywhere near as frenetic or disjointed as Sign and it’s way better paced so I’m keeping my fringers crossed.

(LJ 6/7/2012)
Eps 11-12
Things are looking up! It’s always satisfying when a drama hikes up the ante and actually gets better as it goes on. These episodes were great! Oh, and the twist at the end of ep 10 turned out to be quite something else than I thought. LOL! I’m glad to have been taken for a ride, again. The only thing that kinda pisses me off is that the Super Villain is too super and always one step ahead but at least Team 1 and Team 2 have now finally united.

I just KNEW they’d loose that evidence too. They should have copied those files! That’s what I kept chanting to the screen but did they listen to me? NO! XD Sigh. I hate plot devises that purposefully make the good guys act stupid to bring on more suspense. And how come they totally forgot about the spy? Well, I’m hoping for another lucky break, the Good Guys are due a few….

So, now I’m just hanging there and waiting for Wed to come. How many epis was this thing again? 20… ok, still several episodes worth of time for things to go to hell. They better not finish this off like Sign!!! And I’m afraid of just that as now I’m invested. Dammit!

(LJ 13/7/2012)
Eps 13-14
Holy smoke! These cliffhangers will be the death of me yet. Ghost is still on the ball and this week’s epis left me biting my nails, waiting for ‘what next’. So now I’m really afraid of how it’ll end. I don’t trust this team, LOL! Overall Ghost has been way better than Sign but it does have many very similar features so of course I’m sorta waiting for the other shoe to drop. I DON’T want another Sign ending, I really don’t. Don’t dare to do that to me again, Drama!

The God Guys are still ALWAYS one step behind but at least it’s all very much in the right ballpark, as in they are not idiots. The adversary is just a little more devious and forward thinking. I am a bit wary of this trope though and I whish he would finally start showing some chinks in his armour. So far everything seems to go his way a bit too often.

Six more episodes….. 6 chances for it all to go south. XD

(LJ 23/7/2013)
Eps 15-16
It’s still good, it’s still GOOD!!!! I’m crossing my fingers, toes and all I can cross that it’ll stay this good till the end. I LOVE all the mains even the pesky, too-clever-to-be-true Baddie (well, seeing as it’s Uhm Ki Joon….) as none of them are flat. They could have added a bit more oomph to Gang Mi as she seems to be the least fleshed out. Looks like this writer too has trouble writing kick-ass female characters but at least Gang Mi is passable and does not annoy.

Ep 16 ended up in yet another of their trademark cliffhangers. The gang is at a bind once again but I’m pretty sure they’ll wrangle themselves out of it in due course. XD Oh, and I did not see that particular ‘confession’ coming. They are quite good at throwing these twists at us and none of them seem like they were made up to cause un-necessary tension or excitement manufactured solely for plot purposes. It’s all been very organic.

(LJ 11/8/2012)
Eps 17-20
ë‹Ī 끝낮ė–ī! It didn’t loose the momentum but was a fun and quite exciting ride right to the finish line. Whew! I’m glad. 🙂

They didn’t screw up the ending!!!! How wonderful is that?! \o/ I was SO afraid they’d do something stupid at the last minute but the ending was actually pretty nifty. It followed what came before and tied up everything in a way that satisfied me at least. Yeah, part of the drama skirted dangerously near suspension of belief but I can overlook that as it wasn’t in-your-face, nor all that blatant. Besides everything made sense in the context and none of the people suddenly stared acting out of character. Needless to say I LOVED The Team. I tend to love them, the teams. XD

Ghost turned out to be a nice surprise and I’m glad I did pick it up despite of initially dismissing it. This year so far has again given me so many dramas that I was looking forward to but that in the end were total disapointments. Still, to balance off I’ve came across a few unexpected ‘treasures’. *g*

Thought of something…. I’m glad there was no forced romantic shenenigans in this. It would have been totally out of place and probably ruined the flow of the story. Not every effing thing needs a romance imho. Another thing, I really liked SJS here. He’s not the world’s most exciting actor but his quiet acting style really fit the character. You don’t always have to be ‘fire and explosions’ to get the message through. There was also surprising warmth there that I liked. Uhm Ki Joon was grand in his role too. Scary! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Thoughts on: Ghost (2012)

  1. I only skimmed this – I can be THAT spoiler-phobic, heh – but you do make Ghost sound good! Bumpin’ it up a notch on the List. For when I’m in the mood for an action-y crime story ^^ Or some SJS 😉

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