Thoughts on: Delightful Girl Choon Hyang

Very fangirly thoughts at best (UhmForce!! *g*). I wasn’t all that impressed with the drama in the end. The OTP got in my nerves the worst way with their to-ing and fro-ing. Not really pimping this one…. I guess. ;P

(LJ 19/5/2009)

I did start with Delightful Girl Choon Hyang as I promised. Bit of older UTW before Queen SD (Edit. OMG! One of the most boring dramas I’ve ever had the questionable pleasure to sit through. The agony! LOL!) starts on Monday, ha. I like it well enough though it’s not something I could not live without. The main couple is ever so cute but at the beginning of the story they are highschoolers and I can’t really relate. It’s been eons since my school days.

The story so far has been fun but I’m now in EP 6 and the angst is already setting in. I also already hate the Secondary Girl. She’s promising to be a real bitch. UTW’s character, Byun Hak Do has so far been very normal and nice (and yummy) but reliable sources tell me that he’ll turn into a proper K-drama Crazy Other Guy you want to stab…. with a dull knife. I’m sure he’ll be worthy of my utter contempt, UTW never did anything by halves. XD

On the other hand…. one might take the tie Byun Hak Do wears when we fist meet him as a sign of things to come……. Ah, K-drama fahions.


Well, to compensate turning our UTW into a hateful human being the TPTB give us some fanservice by making him have a bath and then run around wearing just a towel. (In Handphone they made him take his shirt off and dance on a table. Don’t you just love fanservice?)

Of course this scene forwards the plot.^^

Why, I just happen to like this shot. ;P


This was actually quite a funny scene. Our heroine being offended by so much bare flesh and chasing Hak Do around the hotel suite (he finally ended up outside LOL!). His suite, where she was not invited into. The question is, how did that towel stay in place? He did quite a bit of jumping around and evasive moves. Did they use superglue?

6 thoughts on “Thoughts on: Delightful Girl Choon Hyang

    • QSD – it was what made me decide that even UTW is not worth the suffering if the drama sucks in some way. I think that ‘boring’ is in a way worse than other kinds of suckitude. Well, maybe not worse than makjang-to-the-wazoo, LOL! QSD was crazy popular though but then, I wasn’t wooed by BiDam like everyone else. The plot was silly has hell at times too. It also wasn’t the best outing by UTW. His character (YuShin) was written in a way that he just could not portray properly. You could almost see the frustration. I seem to recall, that UTW has said that he needs to understand the character in order to do a good job. This wasn’t the case with QSD.

      • Oh lol! I actually loved that drama. I now realize it had a bunch of cliches but I thought it was so much fun and exciting. I loved some of the questions and dialogues in the drama although it should be seen more as a fantasy than a historical. I was impressed with uber villain Lady Mishil, Bidam stole my heart but I also loved the main leads. This is where mom and I met UTW. She still calls him Yushin. I think playing a heroic character that is almost perfect is always more difficult for an actor as they could be perceived to be boring. I admired Yushin’s resilience and bravery and UTW made him believable and likable (to me and mom :)) This drama was also my introduction to sageuk and made me curious about Korea’s history. It propelled my actual kdrama addiction. I had watched some before that were really nice, like Coffee Prince but at the time it was harder to find them so it was QSD much later, that started it all for me. I’m curious then, what UTW characters are worth watching? We’ve watched Resurrection, started The Devil and watched the movie handphone. I’m curious about Equator Man

        • The First Drama always has a special place in people’s hearts. πŸ™‚

          I’m a grumpy old gurmudgeon and my taste tends to run a bit different from what is popular. Besides I now have so many dramas under my belt that I’m not easily impressed anymore. Well, the real YuShin was a kick-ass hero but the writers decided to make him SO stick in the mud boring. There’s a limit to how ‘noble’ a character can be before he/she becomes a charicature. But that’s just how I see things. Oh, I’m not saying everything was bad in QSD, it had it’s moments and I actually really liked the first 10 epis or so. There was just too much filler and plot going on in circles. My favourite character was probably the ‘Yellow Ranger’ aka Alcheon. OK, now you are giving me ideas. I may post a compilation of my thoughts on QSD.

          Other UTW characters, hmmmmm…..

          Well, there’s always one of my favourites; Stranger than Paradise. He’s not the lead but I love him and the drama to bits. It has one of my all time favourite bromances. If you scroll back a bit, there’s a “Thoughts On” -post for it too. πŸ™‚

          Equator Man was so-so. UTW did great (as did most of the cast) but overall the drama wasn’t all that much to write home about. And the BM was an earsore, especially in the beginning. God, it was grating! The cinematography was really lovely, such a pretty drama. I just didn’t like the directors style at all and that sort of spoiled a lot for me. Funnily enough I loved his style in Blade&Petal… go figure.

          He was also in Nine Tailed Fox but that was a supporting role. He was memorable as per usual though. ;P

          Oh, I almost forgot… his most recent drama Can We Love. I dropped it early as I had issues with how the female characters were portrayed but UTW’s Director Ahn was beyond adorable! And by all accounts he was rather awesome all the way till the end.

          • That is true. Since I only started watching kdrama less than two years ago, things still feel fresh and exciting. And still, I am already getting tired of some cliches. Still, there is always the ones that break the mold or retell the usual stories in a refreshing way. I’m already in this kdramaverse and I don’t want to leave so kdrama, you better evolve! πŸ™‚

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