How utterly typical of me. Instead of thinking about something relevant to post, or alternately actually tackle some of my rl commitments, what do I do? Make banners. ;P

I’m a very slow graphics maker as I just can’t seem to stop tinkering. It’ll probably take a while before I have more than these few up and running. Still, it was nice to see I haven’t forgotten how to use Photoshop. It’s really been quite long since I did anything significant with it.

4 thoughts on “Banners…

  1. Aw I love tinkering with headers! It’s relaxing, therapeutic, and completely addictive! Once I get into a header-making phase, it’s so hard to stop! So I totally feel you! And, it’s legitimate stuff for the blog, so don’t feel like you’re wasting time! I’m liking what I see! πŸ˜€ Fightingggg!

    • Heh, graphics tinkering does turn into an obsession very fast if you are not careful. It is fun but breaks are a must, unless you want a ‘mouse arm’… which is what I got for the 1st time ever while overdong it with my icons. It took better part of 6 months to get my right hand functionial again. Oh well, I’m now able to use mouse with both hands as a result. Silver linings and what not…. ^^

      The banners did turn out pretty well, even if I say so myself. XD

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