Thoughts on: Winter Sonata

I guess I should really have made this the first post of the “series”. It’s probably one of my earliest attempts, if not the very first, at reccing/reviewing a drama. The original at my journal didn’t have any screencaps but I added them when I x-posted to a drama comm a day later. This is that version…. πŸ™‚

(LJ 16/3/2008)

You can say that again… ;P

I was feeling a bit under the weather. Just in the sort of mood that merits comfy clothing, warm drinks, a box of tissues and a sappy chick flick or two. But I guess mainlining on a 20 hour tear jerker was a tad of an overkill, even for me. It did prove to be a rather cathartic experience though. Bawling your heart out over the misfortunes of fictitious people has a tendency to make one’s own, all too real mishaps pale in comparison. At least for a while.

I’d read quite a bit about Winter Sonata so I was curious to see it.

I’d also read that story wise your average Korean drama tends to contain everything but the kitchen sink. Well, when it comes to Winter Sonata I’m pretty sure they managed to cram even that one in somewhere there. It also proved to be pure crack. I had thoughts of watching maybe 2 or 3 episodes but once I started I just could not stop until I couldn’t see strait anymore. And that was sometime in the wee hours on Fri morning. So some of the happenings of episodes 8 – 10 may be a bit hazy.

What’s Winter Sonata about then? Well, I guess it’s basically; girl meets boy, girl looses boy, girl meets boy again – sorta, girl looses boy again, girl and boy get another chance for happiness, oops – oh no they don’t, girl and boy hook up ag…. I’m sure you get the drift. There were enough twists and turns to rival an average mountain road. But, the girl does get to keep the boy in the end. (do I hear a collective sigh?)

I was quite taken how they managed to mix regular drama and soap in such a way that it actually made sense. It was also often tethering in the brink of slipping into a full blown melodrama with Greek tragedian tendencies. But they somehow always managed to pull back, just in time. Oh yee, there were tears – enough for a river. Save for the 1st ep (though my memory may seve me wrong here) there wasn’t a single episode without someone crying! Impressive! Not to forget the episodes where they got every one of the main cast, singly or collectively in tears at some point or other. (sidenote: how come I never look that pretty when I’m crying with snot running from my nose?) Still, I could not help but to be drawn into rooting for the star crossed couple. They were just so damn adorable together. In a true Winter Sonata way we, of course got tears before the fade into the sunset bit.

Have I mentioned that the version I have even has karaoke!? Yup, in some of the episodes there is both Korean and English text added for the theme songs. Besides a sing-along you can use WS for practising Korean names. If waken in the middle of the night I can probably recite Kang Joon-sang, Lee Ming-hyung, Sang-hyuk, Yujin… without even breaking in sweat, ha. Well, they do get called out enough of times during the 20 ep run.

The voice slut in me was throughly satisfied as well, I might add. BYJ has such a lovely, lovely voice. I could happily listen him reading a phone book – in Korean.

Will I watch it again? You bet! Only, I think I’ll not do 10 episodes back to back, ha. I don’t think my poor, romantic sap of a heart can repeatedly take that large a dose of emotion at one go. If you are spoiling for a good cry you can’t go wrong with Winter Sonata. Just remember to stock up on tissues, you’re gonna need them.

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