Thoughts on: Nine Tailed Fox

This was when I could stil be moved by Teh Pretteh. *g*

(LJ 10/11/2008)

Western mythology has blood sucking vampires and in Asia they have human liver eating foxes, well in one form of the legend they do. These foxes can assume human form but are much stronger and faster. Here’s a Wiki article of the Korean verson of the Fox legend for those interesteed in the background. 🙂

While waiting for more subs to “Kingdom of the Wind” I decided to take on Gumiho/Nine Tailed Fox/Forbidden Love. It was pretty much fun to watch, up till the end that is. But then, I just knew it was going to end in tragedy. Sigh. I got so engrossed in the story that I pulled two allnighters back to back and was more or less wasted come Fri night Sat morning. I just could not stop!

Spoilert! I totally give way the ending so don’t read the last chaper if you don’t want to know.

Dangermousie did couple of her awesome rec posts with tons of pretty pics about Nine Tailed Fox so I’ll just be lazy and link to this and the other one. 😉

My incentive to watch this was the fact that it sounded like something I’d probably enjoy and…. it has UTW in suits and in leather, wielding a big sword. LOL! Mmmmmm…. there’s just something about this pic… ;P

Well, basically I’ll watch anything UTW is in. He’s always solid, I’ve yet to see a bad performance from him. Besides I love the guy!

What I liked in Nine Tailed Fox was the fact that it wasn’t just a love story, even if that played an important part. The other thread running through was the dynamics of the Fox clan. There was the mainsream bunch who wanted to intermingle with humans and tried not to make waves. Then there was the rebel group who basically saw humans as a food source, ha. Lot of the characters had divided loyaltes, both within the human camp and the Foxes. That of course was a source of loads of nice angsty moments. *g*

I loved the OTP! They were just perfect, so pretty together. Jo Hyun Jae is hot! Kind of funny to see the sweet prince of Daemang as an action hero, ha. The rest of the main cast were darned good as well.

Kwon Hae Hyo has to be one of the best sidekicks ever, ha. He’s done a few and I like him and his standfast secondary guys.

JunJin of Shinhwa turned out to be quite a good actor, at least in this part. Boy can do more than just sing, apparently. He was perfect as the withdrawn, angsty future leader of the Fox clan, in love with the heroine.

Oh, I liked, liked, liked Rang – the dreadlocked, music loving DJ of the Foxes. 🙂 He was lethal but such a sweet guy all the same.

UTW can do sweet, goofy and very, very intense. He can also totally hog the screen but here his acting was economic and very understated. He fit the role perfectly.

Han Ye Seul as Chae-yi kinda irritated me in the beginning but she got more palatable as the episodes went.

Lee Hwi Hyang was awesome as the steely lady leader of the Foxes. She had so many layers that it always took me by surprise when she showed a new ‘face’. I did start to question her motives towards the end though and was proven right, ha.

The main human characters aside for Jo Hyun Jae’s Min-Woo and his sidekick were more of a mixed bag but those most in the forefont were good.

/// Do you really want to know how it ends?///

The ending…. what can I say, everyone died! Well, almost. By the time the end credits rolled there were only 4 of the main characters still standing. Surprisingly many of them sacrificed their lifes in turn to give others a chance and our hero lost the love of his life. She was the 1000 year fox who’s destiny it was to save the fox race and give it a chance to live as human. By giving her life. Oh yes, I cried again. It did make sense though so I was not pissed. I don’t mind tragic endings these days if they are the proper conclusion for the story, and this was.

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