Thoughts on: Chosun Police 3

(LJ 7/1/2012)

I think the Chosun Police (aka Korean Traditional Scientific Investigators) series was made for me. 🙂 It combines historical drama as it’s set in the late Joseon era (S3 is ca. 1897) and a procedural crime show. In short it’s a sort of Joseon era CSI. The stories center around a group of elite special investigators, geared to crack difficult cases using forensic procedures and scientific methods and in S3 case with a new focus on criminal psychology and profiling. I watched S1 few years ago, finished S3 just about a week ago and loved both.

Spoilert! Few medium rare spoilers for the OTP at the end – you’ve been warned.
The group is lead by Chief Inspector Shin Jung Hoo, a crack fighter, a man with brain power to spare and deep insight into human psyke. Meaning, he’s kinda hard to fool. *g* He handpicked The Team and is a sort of saviour to them all. His first wife, who was the love of his life died tragiclly 13 years ago and he still carries the pain. Even if he is now quite comfortably married again to his 2nd wife who is a rather special lady. She’s featured in one of the episodes.

The rest of The Team consist of…

Cha Gun Woo is a top investigator and profiler with fighting skill not quite ordinary. He’s an orphan who was picked from the streets and raised to become an assassin. Chief Inspector Shin was supposed to be his first kill.

Rookie investigator Seo Yeon Doo used to be a newspaper reporter and her father owns the trading company Hwa Shin. She is quite bright and got special training in Japan. She has no fighting skills though and tends to end up in situations where she has to be rescued. Untill stuff happens and she realises she hasn’t taken her job as seriously as she should have and decides to change.

Yup, you guessed it… they are the OTP. ;P

Veteran investigator Choi Do Gon has been a police for quite a number of years and knows the ins and outs of the seedier underbelly of Joseon. There was an unfortunate incident in his past and he fell into the bottle to be picked up again by Chief Inspector Shin.

Park Choong Ok is the medical examiner with 30 years of experience and the knack at solving encryption and his wife Han So Hee is an evidence profiler/lab technician with language skills. Together they form a formidalbe medical team.

The following is for dem shippers. 😀

The romance takes stictly a back seat to solving crimes and getting aquanted with all of the chracters. It’s quite cute though as it’s evident from early on that Gun Woo and Yeon Doo are smitten with each other.

Things get a bit more serious when in order to save her life, he has to stab her and make it look like he killed her (otherwise his old assasin buddy would have done it). This incident is a sort of wakeup call for both of them and makes them think about what they want from this developing relationshp and their carreers.

In one of the last episodes Yeon Doo is kidnapped by a total whack job (played by Kim Nam Gil – I think) who is just about to carve the skin of her face off when Gun Woo finds them. Nutso hasen’t got what it takes to beat GW though and we get a teary reunion. YD tries to reassure that she’s ok but it’s GW who states that HE is not…. ok. This is another turning point for them. Have some pretty aaanngst. ;D

Well, there’s also this… she’s giving him a ‘good luck charm’. 🙂

And this….

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