Thoughts on: Conspiracy in the Court

(LJ 29/1/2010)

I finished Conspiracy in the Court aka Soul’s Sad Song few days ago and it went stright to my top 5 of Korean dramas. It’s gorgeous! The cinematography is lovely but then this tends to be the sageuk norm in general. Acting is great and so is the story. Very twisty and dark and interesting, with characters who are mainly neither black nor white but rather several shades of gray. It also moves at a breakneck pace so if you un-glue your eyes from the screen for a few minutes you are bound to miss something. I know that some ppl have found the multitude of characters confusing especially as the allegences seem to change all the time according to who has the most power. The main cast is still very easy to keep tabs with. πŸ™‚ I did guess some of the hidden movers and shakers but not all. As a lover of mysteries I also enjoyd that aspect of the drama. But most of all I loved the glimpse of real Korean history the story is embedded in. So much so I went looking more info about King Jeongjo and his fate.

I knew from the very first episode on that it’ll end in tears. There was this omnious feeling of impending doom that penetrated even the more serene moments. And yet, it was in no way maudling or depressing either. Those who have been watching Chuno know the style. CitC and Chuno share the same director and it shows in the way the drama is put together. The use of flasbacks, slow motion, cuts and the overall beauty in glorious colour. It also shows in the tighness of the story, there is no slack and nothing extra. Well, Conspiracy in the Court is only 8 episodes long so no room for extra baggage really.

The opening credits

Like I said, this is a very beautiful drama…

The main threesome; Kim Ha-Eun as Lee Na-Young * Jin Yi-Han as Park Sang-Gyu * Lee Cheon-Hee as Yang Man-Oh

Man-Oh and Sang-Gyu

Giseng Wol-Hyang

Man-Oh and his ninja bodyguard ;P

I rather liked him….

The soundtrack is also lovely and JK Kim Dong Uk’s – 평행선 (Parellel Lines) gives me goosepumps.

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