Drama Grab Bag

I wouldn’t say it’s been a drama draught this year but it has been uncommonly hard sticking with anything. I pick up dramas but after a fiew episodes my inital interest starts to fade and finally I just drop them without much ado. There’s been SO many of these. Even dramas that should be right up my alley turn out to be duds and get discarded without so much as a backward glance. I’ve lamented before about my lack of drama time, so I’ve become even pickier than I already was. I have no time for dramas that fail to hook me within the first fiew episodes. I may have missed some good ones this way but not too many as I’m pretty good at spotting those that fit me. There are also couple of shows I’ve got queued to dramathon at some later date. Life being one of those. I love Forest of Secrets and even though medical dramas are not really my thing, I’m pretty sure TPTB have managed to make even this setting worth watching. πŸ™‚
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Thoughts On: Life on Mars (Korea)

When I first heard about the Korean remake of Life on Mars, I was really sceptical about it being properly done, as Korea doesn’t have a very good track record when it comes to remakes and I loved the original British show. Happy to be proven wrong in this case. πŸ™‚ Korean LoM is very good indeed. They kept the original framework, even some of the more iconic scenes, but filled it with plenty of local color. The story felt at the same time familiar and new. This is one of the rare cases where the marriage of original content and Korean flavor works like a charm. Continue reading

Guardian – A Summer Popsicle^^

I don’t know what’s with me these days but I seem to be watching more fluff that usually. πŸ˜€ Could be the persistent heatwave that’s been going on since mid May. There are times I think my brain has finally melted, ha. Anyway, summer is sort of perfect time to watch something less demanding, regardless of the overall quality. Leave your brain at the door, your belief suspended above it and just enjoy. *g* Of course, the show in question has to appeal to you in some way, otherwise why bother? Continue reading

Very Rambly Thoughts On: Queen Seon Deok

This is probably the last of the “archeological finds” from my old LJ account.^^ It’s a compilaton of the entries I made way back when I was watching the drama. Ah, sageuks. Even when I was still the impressionable noob to kdramas I didn’t have much luck with the historicals. I always started out all eager and enthusiastic but eventually ended up disappointed. Gosh, I was SO annoyed with this one but still persisted till the end. Yup, the Early Days of Drama Addiction. Over the years there’s been only a handful of sageuks I’ve truly liked. Anyway, I went a bit silly along the way, you’ll see. πŸ˜€ I swear, it was the tedium of forcing myself to watch the whole darned thing. *g* Continue reading

Sorry, Ahn PD but I was bored to tears

I’ve certainly not watched all of Ahn Pan Seok directed dramas but I’ve really liked all of those I have seen. His style is probably not for everyone as it’s much more contempletive and lingering than what is currently in mode. His dramas, at least those I have watched fully till the end, also contain some pretty sharp insights/critique to contemporary Korean life and they tend to have rather dry and biting humor as well. My fave PD Ahn drama Heard It Through The Grapewine was downright hilarous at times. Which is why I’m miffed that Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (aka Something in the Rain) turned out to be such an unsatisfying snoozefest. Continue reading

Drama Grab Bag

May 1st… how did that happen? Where did March and April go? Sigh, I have NO idea, months seem to whisk past at an alarming pace these days. UNB sort of took over my life and it feels like I haven’t watched anything but their videos lately, LOL! (can’t help it, they are so cute/funny and I love, love, love the songs!) But as I looked a bit harder I realised I’ve actually managed watch and even finish some dramas too, just not had any time to write about them. Continue reading