ONEUS ~ An Appreciation Post

I don’t pay much attention to the yearly influx of noobs in kpop anymore. There are just too many debuting each year and most of them sound and look more or less the same. That said, every now and then a group comes along and makes me sit up and take notice. Usually it’s a combination of a song that I like from get go and a MV that is eye catching in some way. I also don’t have time to follow the content these noobs put out in various medias, so I don’t really get to know the members in a way I did with my older faves. It’s a YT video here and a variety apparence there. But, at least I’m still able to learn their names, and possibly positions pretty quickly. ๐Ÿ™‚ Continue reading


Drama Grab Bag

Like so many others seem to be, I’m still sort of tethered to The Untamed. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yes, I’ve watched other dramas since Untamed ended and even during it’s run, but none of them has made a lasting impression. In fact, I had to look up what dramas have aired in the past few months, as I couldn’t remember what else I might have watched besides the recently ended ones. ๐Ÿ˜€ Continue reading

The Untamed Soundtrack

I think all of my fave drama soundtracks of past few years have been from Chinese period dramas. What I love about them is how well they function as scene enhacers and mood makers without being agressively in your face. Another thing I love about them is the copious use of traditional instruments. I’ve grown quite enamoured especially with the bamboo flute. It’s a really good instrument for expressing various kinds of emontions, especially the sad and evocative ones. Continue reading

Drama Grab Bag

I can’t believe it’s August already! Time just seems to whizz by in a blink of an eye. Still short on time and frequently short on inspiration and energy, hence no posts for ages. I’ve watched a plethora of dramas in the past fiew months but nothing that’s truly grabbed me enough to feel like I must write about it. Gone are the days of squee filled reaction posts, sigh. I’m trying hard to remember if I finished any dramas since May but can’t seem to recall a thing. What the heck have I been watching then!?

Ok, let’s start with the two dramas I’m most invested in atm. Both are cdramas that just suddenly dropped without much fanfare and I really like both of them.
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