Drama Grab Bag

I finally managed to find some time to put together a long overdue post. So yeah, I’m still here, watching stuff – an epi here another there, with an occasional dramathon thrown in for good measure.^^ Continue reading


First Impressions

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. It’s just that whenever I plan to, I can never find the time till I’m more or less done with the dramas in question. πŸ˜€
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Drama Grab Bag

With the end of God’s Quiz, Children of Nobody and Ever Night I found myself sort of dramaless. I tried this and that but nothing really struck a chord. Until I decided to pick up The Story of Minglan on a whim. I first watched all of the subbed episodes available at that point and then continued on as the epis got released. It’s now kind of a daily ritual to watch at least couple of the epis. πŸ˜€ Then just yeasterday I started Sandglass. I initially thought I’d watch a fiew episodes at a time but as it sometimes goes, I got throughly hooked. I also gave The Crowned Clown a go… but ended up dropping it. A well made drama with some great acting and the story isn’t too bad but it just didn’t stick. It took me longer and longer to get on with an episode and I finally had to admit defeat. A pity but can’t be helped. Them dramas keep on coming, so I guess… better luck next time? Besides, now that I’ve sampled one item on my List, I could always pick another one on it. There’s plenty of content where Sandglass came from. Continue reading

Ever Night OST songs

I didn’t fall in love just with the cinematography of Ever Night but also with the soundtrack. Combined they probably make about one third of my enjoyement of the drama. *g* I would really, really love to get a full album… I wonder if it’s available somewhere. Here is a collection of OST songs I was able to find floating around YT. Enjoy!
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Year in Dramas 2018

As people have probably noticed, I haven’t been doing a lot of posting this year. Mostly due to lack of time as I’ve been a lot busier with Real Life than I used to be. That’s not the only reason though. As time goes by I’m finding it much harder to find dramas to watch. I don’t think my taste has dramatically changed but rather I’ve become more and more picky and less forgiving for some of the flaws even decent dramas inevitably have. I’ve started and dopped SO many dramas this year and there are even more that didn’t interest me enough to even check them out.
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How it all started ~ The Legend

This year is sort of an anniversary for me as it was 10 years ago when I discovered Korean dramas. My, where did the time go?! πŸ˜€ I always planned on doing something to commemorate this “grand” event but never seemed to have the time. And what better way to do it than write about my first kdrama ever, The Legend or ‘The Story of the First King’s Four Gods’, as it’s also called. For some odd reason I never did write a proper post on The Legend way back when. Maybe I was too immersed in the drama to be able to form a cohersive thought on it. *g* The year is drawing to a close, so I thought it’s now or never if I want this post to be done in 2018. A picture heavy post ahead